View Full Version : Tom! Tom Selleck!

7.30.07, 11:05 PM
Now TT, does hubby know that you've had Tom sitting in your bedroom??? No, didn't think so!!! LOL.....
He's such a cutie.

Hope you and the other girls are fine.

Take care of Tom!! :winkq:

8.9.07, 7:08 PM
Hey CJ! So glad you enjoyed my Tom. One of the few men Bob allows me to 'keep' around the house. I had just found his image and was ready to post to Liz' question about favorite actors/actresses when we buzzed off for our trip to Denver. So, left Tom here but never had a chance to post anything but, glad he brought some enjoyment to at least you. Nothing quite as hunky as Tom was back in his Magnum PI days. Oh heck, he's still a hunky guy even if he is getting a bit long in the tooth!

Ta ta! Kay