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5.7.09, 11:21 AM
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SOW: A Closer Look - Lily

After all this time, Cane and Lily are finally married this week, but itís obvious the groom is keeping a secret from his bride. Christel Khalil weighs in.

SOW: Before the wedding, Lily finds Cane outside Indigo, and he seems [disturbed]. Does Lily [feel like] anything is wrong?
Khalil: She can tell that Cane is worried about something.

SOW: Does she have any [idea] he might be [hiding] something from her?
Khalil: No. Lily is [oblivious to] it. She doesnít [suspect] anything whatsoever. But fans will [sense] it, because of different conversations and flashbacks that Cane has.

SOW: Lily and Cane end up [discussing] their pasts. What can you [tell us] about it?
Khalil: Lily tells Cane that sheís marrying him because she knows he would never lie to her. She [mentions] Daniel, and how he lied to her and hurt her. She [tells Cane] she knows [he] would never do that, and thatís one of the reasons why sheís marrying him. She loves, trusts, and has faith in him.

SOW: Does Cane look uncomfortable?
Khalil: He has a distraught look on his face [while theyíre hugging], but Lily doesnít [notice] it.

SOW: Neil gives Lily her motherís wedding gown. Is this a surprise to [her]?
Khalil: No. Lily knows sheís going to wear [Dru]ís dress. When she walks into Neilís apartment, she sees [it] hanging in [a wardrobe bag]. She [comments] about how beautiful it is and [she and Neil have] a Hallmark moment.

SOW: Cane and Lilyís wedding day arrives. What can you share about it?
Khalil: Itís [a] classic, traditional [wedding]. [There isnít any] drama. [Itís just] perfect. I think the fans will appreciate [it]. Itís very beautiful.

SOW: What is the best part?
Khalil: [Their] vows to [each other].

SOW: Are you excited that Cane and Lily [are finally married]?
Khalil: Yes, and I know the fans have wanted [it] for a long time.

SOW: [Are you worried] about marriage being the kiss of death on daytime?
Khalil: If I didnít know that [Y&R] had this secret [plotted out], then I would be worried. But because they already started this secret before [Cane and Lily] got married, Iím not. I know [whatís coming up is] going to be really great.