View Full Version : I agree to disagree

7.29.07, 10:45 PM
There is a poster on the Old board that feels like she is being treated badly because of her new stand on Sheridan. What is this a dictatorship? She has the right to post how she feels.
It is Passionbaby and she needs some support and encouragement. Thanks:blush2ey:

7.30.07, 7:53 PM
You know what I see nothing wrong with your favorites changing from time to time. After all it is a fictional tv show. Hey I like Juvy, but the Evian scenes today were nice and honest. Was this the fantasy Eve was going to have or a real conversation?

7.30.07, 8:06 PM
Well I felt very sorry for Passionbaby because of the was she was being treated. She likes Fancy with Luis and was evidently chastised for it. I don't know if she will be back to posting or not.

7.30.07, 9:22 PM
I hope she does come back. Her post was very well thought out.

7.30.07, 9:56 PM
Yes I do to, I notice that she did post on the other board so that is good. I just do not like it when posters are not allowed to post their opinions. Maybe this will end a lot of the bickering. I hope so.

7.30.07, 10:32 PM
I bet if you ever hear product placement again it will be to soon. rotflmao.

7.31.07, 1:29 AM
Oh my, I see that the posters are trying to muck up this board with infusing their pics on us. There is a place for them. But the they do not know how to use it. I hope that the administrators of this board take care of this situation ASAP.