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7.29.07, 6:31 PM
OK I am a member of other boards under different aliases.But I have 2 questions.Some of the other message boards that I belong to allow you to put pictures at the end of your posts.They have to be a certain size and limit 2 pictures per post and you can connect pictures together to make one picture and make a separate picture,For your second picture.And the moderators on the other boards are very strict on picture sizes.Because people such as myself uses a modem and thats why they limit the picture sizes and picture to two so that it won't take forever to download for those with modems.I know that you can download pictures on these boards because I tested downloading a picture onto one of my post before it went up.But deleted the picture before it went up because I didn't want to leave it on there if it weren't allowed.So thats why I am checking with you first.I hope that you do allow this.The size that most message boards allow for pictures is 436x301,This size is perfect because it doesn't take long to download for those with modems.If you do ok this I know of some free image hosting sites that I will gladly posts that the other postees can join.I am already a member of these free image hosting sites.Thats why I know about them.

7.31.07, 3:15 AM
I also have a question about pictures in posts. Are we not allowed to post in the Talk section of an area (a soap forum that is broken in to Talk, Cafe, Fanfiction, and Photos, for example) if our post contains a photo? In other words, if a post contains one or more pictures, can we only post in the Photo section and not the Talk, Cafe, or Fanfiction areas? If a post, say one that a poster has asked (as happened tonight on the Old CR board) to see a picture of a character's wedding dress, we can or cannot respond in the thread on this subject in the Talk section of the forum? Or do we have to post the picture in the Photo section of the forum and post for everyone to go there to see it?

There is obviously a photo link as well as YouTube and other types of links available in each reply post, so why would a post that contains a picture be limited to only the photo section when it isn't just a photo but text also?

BTW, I also noticed that the Passions forum is the only one to have a separate Photo section.

Thanks for your help.

8.1.07, 7:13 PM
NewmanJabot... yes, the way the settings are, for now at least, you can post pictures, as long as they aren't crude or offensive. I think the maximum width is 500px. You can't post animations. That's because it drives me a little crazy to see a page of posts with all kinds of animation going on :lookaway: but I may change that once everyone settles in and it's easier for me to mod the boards.

Feel free to post links to image hosting sites. I'd appreciate it. I keep most of mine either on our server or on Flickr, so I'm not familiar with the others, thought I know they exist. Just haven't used them.

Did I cover everything? Please don't hesitate to ask. I'll try to get answers back to you faster next time :o

8.1.07, 8:23 PM
Ann... so far, we don't have any real rules about posting photos. I know a lot of people are still dealing with dial-up speeds, so if they open a thread and it has a lot of photos, it makes life miserable waiting for the download.

But it hasn't been an issue (yet) anywhere other than the Passions forums. I put up the photo board to try to ease the tensions that had mounted on the old board. The Photo board serves two purposes... if a poster likes seeing the photos, they are easy to find, all in one spot. If a person is annoyed by the photos, they can easily avoid them.

I'd like to leave it somewhat flexible. If someone asks about something specific (as you mentioned... the wedding dress) I wouldn't be upset if an occasional photo showed up on the Talk board as part of a reply. But I'd really like to keep things as 'on topic' as possible. The Cafe boards are off topic so anything is OK there. FanFic writers might want to include photos or illustrations... that's fine.

I'm not sure if I'm being very clear on this. If I'm not, please let me know and I'll try again. I will be adding a "Read this first" post with some basic guidelines on the different forums as soon as I can.