View Full Version : Jack and Katie

7.25.07, 2:21 PM
Could they be any more inconsiderate. JJ has been kidnapped and Carly is a mess and they are hugging and kissing. Id be freakin smacking Katie (I feel like those kids are mine) uughhh.

7.26.07, 10:33 AM
The part that really got me was when Katie said she loves those kids like they're her own. How would she know??? She doesn't have kids. She has no idea what Jack and Carly are going through. She only sees this situation for how it affects her... which is why she couldn't stay at the Milltown house like Jack told her.

7.26.07, 10:40 AM
If I hear one more person say that Katie and Jack belong together Im going to puke. The only person who Katie was ever really good with (as far as I am concerned) is Simon.

7.27.07, 2:13 PM
No kidding. I could just slap Vienna when she rants on and on about Katie/Jack. She
just wants Katie involved with anyone but Henry.
Katie/Jack duo just isn't working.. at all.

8.16.07, 12:33 AM
really though jack doesnt love katie he is still in love with carly i think he just doesnt trust her becasue of leaving with simon! plus it seems that katie is trying to hard ot make it work with jack

8.26.07, 9:21 PM
OMG!! It is so nice to see people who feel like I do, that Jack and Katie do NOT make a good couple. C'mon, please, to Jack, Katie is the snack that's wrapped in a cute little package, you try, like it for a little while, then get tired of. To JACK, Carly is the dish you order every time because you can't get enough of it. :) I can't wait til Jack and CARLY get back together!

8.28.07, 4:37 PM
I couldn't agree more! I hope this story advances fast and Carjack is back!

8.29.07, 1:44 PM
Carjack! I love that!

9.15.07, 8:45 AM
I like Jack and Katie alot. I hope it works out for them.