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4.16.09, 10:14 PM
Only had school for 3 days, but I'm ready for another break..LOL:p I am making a mad dash to Des Moines on Saturday morning to pick up a couple of dress outfits for a trip I'm taking with the high school FLBA group. I'll be gone from Sunday through Tuesday helping their sponsor with the state competition. It looks to be fun and interesting. I love seeing the kids in a different capacity - and competing in events. They also look so nice dressed up in their business attire. I will be driving a van load of them, and their sponsor will be driving behind me with a load in a mini bus.

Hopefully my class won't behave too badly for the sub I have the two days I'm gone. I'll say a little prayer for her AND for them...LOL:winkq:

4.17.09, 12:39 AM
Wow..you are gonna have your hands full with all those kids!

4.17.09, 10:19 AM
Have fun Jan! Sounds like a blast! I remember going to things like that when I was in High school. It was so much fun!:blush2ey:

4.18.09, 9:54 PM
Hope you had a safe and relatively 'uneventful" trip :) What is FLBA? Kids really enjoy those special trips and events(my daughter got to sing at Carnegie Hall with her Choir group and it was an amazing experience!)
Have a good weekend...it is beautiful here...sunny and warm, I'm bummed I had to work both Sat & Sunday!

4.21.09, 1:29 PM
I think it's Future Business Leaders of America.