View Full Version : Lindsay Lohan arrested again

7.24.07, 11:25 AM
So much for the ankle bracelet and 6 weeks of rehab.

from TMZ.com: (http://www.tmz.com/)
Law enforcement now says Lohan was stopped after cops got a call of a vehicle being chased by another vehicle. The chasing vehicle was being driven by Lohan.

Lohan was driving a white Denali. She was chasing a Cadillac Escalade.

She was initially suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. A field sobriety test was conducted and she was subsequently arrested for DUI.

At the station, a search of her person was conducted, and cocaine was found in her pants pocket.

A breath test was conducted and her blood alcohol was between .12 and .13.

7.25.07, 10:41 AM
As someone on another board said, it pisses me off when celebrities, who can afford a driver, get arrested for drunk driving. This girl is a head case and needs more rehab than there is available. And her mother? What a disgrace.

7.26.07, 12:15 PM
But have you heard the latest?? Last night I heard on one of the entertainment shows that she is saying that the drugs were not hers... get this... she says she was wearing someone elses pants!! What a joke...

12.7.07, 6:03 PM
lindsay lohan is a giant turd stain on the celebrity trash carpet