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4.16.09, 4:22 AM
I just found my list of who and where you all are! So this is a call to action ladies - lets hear from you all!
Tango Tia
Soapy CJ
Classic Coke

I know one or two of you still stop by but where are the rest of you?

Weathers great here today - heard a Cuckoo down by the river this morning - must be spring! Hope to get into the garden today!
Liz x

4.16.09, 11:01 PM
There's also ...

Not sure if you posted when those ladies were here. They all were here before me. We use to have some good fun here talking bout our favorite tv "men"...

I may have at least one email addy, I'll check and see if I can may contact. I'll let you know.

We have our tomato plants in little cups, but not outside yet. May have scattered frost tonight.

Have a good weekend, CJ

4.22.09, 3:07 AM
Hey CJ
I do, of course, remember those ladies. Just goes to show how long they've been away!
Good luck with the tomatoes. I have had limited success with my indoor seed sowing - some are ok but my tomatoes are very slow. I have quite a lot of stuff in the garden and the weather is good at the moment. I picked mushrooms yesterday!
Take care
Liz x

4.24.09, 12:30 PM
Well I am around, just have been busy with my grandkids babysitting. I remember those names and have seen them posted on some of the other boards too. Maybe they will pop over.

Well the weather is finally cooperating. It is BEAUTIFUL and sunny. Not all that hot yet, we did get up to nearly 20 the other day which was great.

I need a tip. I have never grown vegetables before but would like to try tomatoes this year. Is there a variety that is a sure fire success? It would just be a couple of plants on the patio but I thought it would be great, fresh tomatoes. Thanks for your help.

Anybody have any great summer holiday plans this year? We are not straying too far from home this summer, taking the bike on a trip to the north end of the Island and bum around up there for a few days. We have a big family holiday planned in February for Mexico. There will be 11 of us going, our kids, spouses, grandkids, mum-in-law, sis-in-law and boyfriend. Should be a hoot. We have the 2010 Olympics here in Vancouver in February so we are all getting out of town for a couple weeks.

Well take care

4.24.09, 5:00 PM
I planted some petunias, impatience and dianthus the other day. Adding color to the flower bed. I still have the tomatoe plants in little cups, it may be warn enough to put them in the ground now. I'll ask dh, may get them in tomorrow.
I like the early girl tomato. Maybe it would be good for a container. Have you tried the (million)cherry tomato, it is good in salad. I had one that came up from seed from the year before. It had lots and lots of tomatos. I'll be looking for it to come back again this year.

4.24.09, 5:23 PM
Hello ladies!
Good to hear from you BSG! I have never been to Canada but my sister is a total fan - she spent quite a lot of time there and once had a serious boyfriend there. That is where she learned to speak French! Do you parlez Francais BSG?
I always had great succes with "Gardeners Delight" tomatoes - it's a small cherry type tomato. May have a different name over there. This year I'll grow those plus some different varieties as I have a bit more space. I spent ages planting asparagus crowns and runner bean plants yesterday - only to find that AFTER I'd watered them in I'd used the (carefully marked with gaffer tape) weedkiller watering can!! I had rinsed it out last time I used it but will have to wait and see if I've killed my plants! Grrr ! I am so excited to see how the new garden turns out!! Our neighbours are keen gardeners here and keep a keen eye on all we do! They have been very kind and given us lots of cuttings and baby plants etc Next year we will hopefully have some plants for them but in the mean-time we give them fresh eggs and lamb from our small flock of sheep.
CJ are the tommy's in yet?
Liz x

4.24.09, 11:58 PM
No tomatoes in yet, still too early. I think it takes about 60 days, maybe I'm just guessing. We had frost about 2 wks ago, so I am waiting just to be sure that its all over before I put them in the ground. Don't want to lose them. Dh planted some corn in the back of the pasture. We may have to buy more garden hose to reach that far. We need rain.

There is a wild fire burning at North Myrtle Beach. It has destroyed many homes. It has been burning about 3 days. It is a famous tourist attaction.

4.27.09, 9:51 AM
Sorry to hear about the fire - a terrible thing.
We've had a longish dry spell here - but the forecast rain arrived today! We,ve spent the weekend planting like crazy - the last of the potatoes are in, raspberries, sweetcorn, haricot, runner and borlotti beans and the horseraddish is at last in it's permanent home! I also planted several willows up on the bank and poked a few spare raspberry canes in there too! I'm hoping we are past frost now - I notice the local farmers planting maize so hopefully that means we will be ok! Today the sheep and cows get their Bluetongue vaccination! And it is DH's birthday!
Take care all
Liz x