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4.14.09, 7:53 PM
well, I'm kicking back today and getting my laundry caught up. We go back to school tomorrow. Had to drop by the school today to make copies and get things lined up for the morning (I like being organized before I get in my room). I'm not ready to go back... want more time, but guess looking at the calendar we only have a full month before school is out for the summer. As I told some of my students today in the store, it will go really fast because we have alot to get done, and not many days to accomplish everything with field trips and disruptions.

Have an enjoyable evening everyone!

4.14.09, 8:47 PM
Wow that makes me realize it's a little over a month here till summer break. Time seems to just fly by anymore.

4.15.09, 12:38 AM
Yeah...this past school year has gone by quickly.

4.15.09, 10:29 AM
Yeah...this past school year has gone by quickly.

Wow Jan you get out earlier than us! We have more than a month left of school here. But then again. Perhaps you started earlier than we did too! Best of luck!:winkq:

4.15.09, 6:16 PM
I'm sure you've enjoyed having a break. I think our local schools are out by the end of May, but they start in MidAugust. I'm waiting for the warmer weather to return...its been grey and gloomy the past couple of days...they say the weekend will be nice. I'm having a birthday next weekend, so I hope its nice for that :)

4.15.09, 10:18 PM
Passionatic... GONNA WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOW! Hope the weather is nice for you.

4.16.09, 10:08 PM
We start mid August, but had it not of snowed and we missed 4 days because of that, we would have gotten out May 15. We lost our Martin Luther King, Jr. and President's Day, along with having two more days tacked onto the end of the school year. The state says the students have to attend school 174 days, regardless of snow days. We also don't get a full week for spring break. My friend's kids get a full week for spring break and another one for Easter break.

We have 22 days and counting!!! I told my students today if we can manage to get through them, it will be a miracle..LOL!

4.17.09, 10:24 AM
Well enjoy the school days you have left! We don't get many snow days here. We never take them! LOL right now the roads are closed again heading east. But the kids are out this week for Spring Break. Which means if they are out of town they are stuck if they were coming back today! LOL Oh well our spring storms can be major around here! Hang in there!:blush2ey: