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7.22.07, 9:16 PM
Why do you think daytime soaps are dying?

Suzanne Lanoue

10.27.07, 12:08 PM
Why do you think daytime soaps are dying?

Suzanne Lanoue
Truthfully, I think there is no shock to the things that people do anymore. When soaps started,babies out of wedlock were a true sin, unfaithfulness was a shock and the main story all over town, and now that's everyday stuff. It's common to the point of being ho-hum.
But, if they put more romance into the shows, more true family interaction, I think they would flourish again. They try to hard to bring in the element of crime and catching criminals and that's not part of the everyday experience of the audience.
All just my own opinion, of course.

10.28.07, 8:34 PM
I think soaps are dying because there not putting enough money into them and the writers are not writing the best storylines either.

11.6.07, 3:50 PM
I think that if they were more character driven and got back to the "love in the afternoon" mentality people would be more apt to watch. Also the s/l's drag out for so long at times you feel like you could miss weeks, months, and sometime years and pick up right where you left off, lol! Surprise surprise if you give fans what they want they will watch, show fan favorites and pair favorite couples together overcoming obstacles and people will tune in, IMHO.

1.19.08, 11:30 AM
Soaps were at their heyday when more women stayed home and there were only three main television stations to watch.
The world has changed and soaps must change with the times.
Also, I believe the networks think that the daytime is a vast wasteland and it's so much easier to put a cheap talk show or a fake courtroom drama instead of investing the money on a soap.

1.19.08, 11:57 AM
I'd have to agree. These days if you pardon the pun,the world turns much faster and there seems to be little time to stop and smell the aroma from the tea.

3.17.08, 2:42 AM
I think that every thing I've read is true about soaps. My take on this is soaps have lost something in trying to stay "current". Gone are families storylines, not so much sleeping together but rather staying together. People in soaps no longer TRY to work through problems rather they quickley go to another storyline. Storylines are either to short or way to long! They forget about the history of a characters and seem not to be interested in staying "true" to the history of the character. They re-do storylines OVER and OVER again! There seems to be nothing fresh. The soaps cannot HBO, or those types of shows and yet it seems they TRY without much success! Then they will go from dump storylines to storylines that you say "oh, I know whats going to happen" with everything in the world going on the soaps stay at the same level dull! Nothing new nothing refreshing, there is so much LUST one can forget that soaps were once called the "love in the afternoon" NOT any more! Its incest,its a quick jump in the hay and out and then go to the next person. There are no and I mean NO core couples any more. They get together and then they have a misunderstanding and their are off to another person. No comment of any kind in soaps any more.

5.3.08, 4:13 PM
I think half is what you said... the storylines. They're too outrageous and you're right... no values, true supercouples. etc. But I do believe the other reason is that people just don't always have the time to sit down and watch them anymore. Many women are working one or more jobs and when you top family, etc. on that it's just hard to find the time to sneak them in.. :(

5.28.08, 7:59 PM
I was watching an episode of Another World from 1980 on AOL and realized at the end of it that no one had shouted at anyone else. People had normal conversations with one another, even their enemies. Not every scene had to be an over-the-top over-acted confrontation.

6.4.08, 12:26 PM
I stop watching all soaps when Another World went off the air, I have started back watching Days a few months ago...
But I still miss AW and all the characters....