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4.27.07, 4:00 PM
Just read that NBC sold the rights to Passions to DirectTV. Shows will start in September and run Monday-Thursday. Here's the whole story:
'Passions' heads to DirecTV (http://www.variety.com/article/VR1117963754.html?categoryid=1009&cs=1)

4.27.07, 5:18 PM
That's great news! Now, if only I had Direct TV...LOL, oh well, I'll cross that bridge later.

4.27.07, 5:28 PM
It would be good news if you could get Direct TV in canada

4.27.07, 5:35 PM
I am happy for the cast and crew but I don't have Direct TV and am not planning on changing to it for this one show.

I just wish that we would all be able to watch the show if we shose to do so but I am happy that some will still get to watch the show.


4.27.07, 5:36 PM
I hope it gets put online or gobal here in Canada will still show it

4.27.07, 8:43 PM
episode? I thought I heard that you could d/l the recent episodes awhile ago. But if there is, will that still be up when it switches to Direct tv?

4.27.07, 9:13 PM
I have never downloaded a eppy so I would not know where to go besides NBC

4.28.07, 4:06 AM
I am so happy it wasn't cancelled!! Hopefully it will live on for many more years!! I am going to get DirectTV, which now comes with 4 receivers...that was one reason we never got it before...there weren't enough receivers for our TVs and you can't have an antenna up where we live and rabbit ears don't pick up a thing way out here. But it will save us money and bring us Passions, so I am in! I hope it lasts a good long time, and that Evian are a big part of it!! Go Passions!!

5.1.07, 2:44 AM
I'm startingto consider switching from digital cable to Direct TV, but still have a lot of questions to get answered and lots of investigating to do. If I do switch it won't be just becasue of Passions.

5.2.07, 8:50 PM
I am pretty sure I will too. It actually will save me a bunch of money, and give me more channels even. Our digital cable is so expensive!

5.24.07, 4:09 PM
from TVGuide:
NBC announced today that several of Passions' principal players have signed new contracts. Here's the list (in alphabetical order):

Eric Martsolf (Ethan)
Ben Masters (Julian)
Kim Johnston Ulrich (Ivy)
Dylan Fergus (Noah)
Galen Gering (Luis)
Emily Harper (Fancy)
Lindsay Hartley (Theresa)
Liza Huber (Gwen)
James Hyde (Sam)
Juliet Mills (Tabitha)
Heidi Mueller (Kay)
Tracey Ross (Eve)
Eva Tamargo (Pilar)
McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan)

FYI, Erin Cardillo who plays Fancy's friend Esme has also signed a contract. She wasn't really a principal castmember before, but she apparently is now.

Please note: If you don't see an actor's name on this list, you should not necessarily assume that he or she is leaving the show. Some Passions actors work on recurring status i.e. not on contract like Andrea Evans (Rebecca).

I can say that the absence of James Stevenson (Jared) from the list means he will not move to DIRECTV. The Daytime Emmy nominee made it clear that he plans to hit the road in a recent interview.

5.25.07, 1:07 AM
I am so glad this many are staying so far, especially the veterans. And a big yay to Ben and Tracey staying!! Woohoo!!

I hope Passions is very successful on DirecTV!! It's good to see the big stars staying. That's a major plus!!