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7.22.07, 9:06 PM
Which DOOL character do you hate the most?

Suzanne Lanoue

7.23.07, 11:55 AM
I hate Kate because no matter what she does over the years she never seems to pay for anything... not on any kind of long-term basis. Look at Sami... she has done probably the same amount of horrible things that Kate has but she was the town pariah for years, even her own family didn't really like her. But not Kate, her kids are the only ones that hold her accountable but even they just shake their heads and threaten to disown her, but never do.

7.24.07, 9:43 AM
I hate Stefano the most. He has been annoying Salem for over 20 years and now is just a cartoonish character. They do not need this character anymore and I hope when they learn about the vendetta that they can get rid of him for good. He is the only character in history who has died over 8 times and still returns to life. The storyline is way too convoluted and needs to be permanently ended once and for all.

7.25.07, 2:25 PM
I think that Jermery is the most useless character they have every had on days. And he is even worst when he is with Stephine, she is the second most useless!!!! Get rid of them both!!

7.25.07, 10:49 PM
I said Kate..... She claims to love her children so much but she only thinks about "herself"
I am so sick of her....she hates Sami more than she loves Lucus. I don't like that she would not let Lucus or herself claim her grandchildren just to get back at Sami.

I wondered why Hope would be on this list!!! I think she is great!!!!

7.28.07, 8:25 PM
can't stand any of the new characters and the teen set but by far Jeremy is a total idiot grr!

8.4.07, 10:31 AM
ej and jeremy

8.5.07, 5:50 AM

8.7.07, 12:42 AM
Oh Jeremy definitely. He was obviously and excuse to attempt to bring back the Hortons, while working his cut bod. I have no love for him at all. His character is NOT many-layered, he's not moving much story along, and so much more time should be spent on the vets than his sorry little butt. Maybe if they'd made him more like Mike Horton (his daddy), people would have warmed up to him...but he had to be portrayed as an absolute jerk!

8.7.07, 12:46 AM
I don't know how to post this in all the soap rooms...but here it goes; another Jenniferrose random question.

If you had to choose ONE soap, and only ONE (that's on currently), for the rest of your life, which soap would you choose?

8.7.07, 2:34 PM
I only watch Days so that would have to be it. I've invested way too much in these fictional characters to turn on them now LOL

8.8.07, 7:42 PM
I'd stick with Days, I'm way too invested in it too.

But back to the original topic, I voted for Stephanie. I didn't like her b4 (remember how she almost literally died bc Max hinted about breaking up with her) & I'm totally not understanding how she & Chels managed to end up BFFs alla sudden like this. Also, I just cannot buy for a second that the current actress was a race car driver, she acts more like a jr high skool grrl than a grown woman who's been on several racing tours.

8.13.07, 11:42 AM
It's another case of a character getting a new personality when they're recast. People have speculated that since Abby left, they had to make Steph and Chelsey BFF to have a storyline.

9.5.07, 2:36 PM
can't stand kate and her i just want my kids to be happy b.s.
can't stand stephanie.... i thought she was a strong woman?? not a blubbering idiot
can't stand jeremy cause well he's also a blubbering idiot

9.10.07, 7:08 PM
Of those choices easily I hate Sami the most.
I do hate at least one of the others on that list.
But there are many other characters that I hate a lot more than any on that list other than Sami.

9.10.07, 8:22 PM
Currently, has to be Sami. The most over-exposed character on soaps today. :sigh:

10.12.07, 3:02 PM
Jerkemy has not been around long enough for me to hate him as much as I hate Kate. I just can NOT stand this woman

Margo Horton
10.18.07, 5:30 PM
It use to be Kate, but the more EJ talks the sicker I get of him.
This charactor disgusts me.

10.23.07, 12:43 PM
The writers

10.28.07, 12:57 PM
You are so right, I hate what the writers are doing to Days. Inaddition to them, I can't take EJ, Kate, Belle, Philip & most of all the teen storylines, it was waste to have them on all summer, that time could have been used to develop storyline with the older veterans.

11.21.07, 12:56 AM
:jesterbob:Sami by far is the one I HATE the most.

Greys and Days
11.21.07, 12:39 PM

12.15.07, 3:47 PM
I still hate Chloe the most and she's only been back for three days.