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3.29.09, 6:59 PM
I am trying to decide which Al Pacino movie was more terrible - this or Righteous Kill. I'm leaning towards RK simply because it also had DeNiro in it, but this is right up there.

The plot of the movie is so stupid that I won't even bother recapping it. Let's just say that nothing about it made sense - the acting, directing and writing were awful and it was not even enjoyable in a "bad movie" kind of way.

Don't waste your time!!

3.30.09, 7:30 PM
Oh agreed Buffalogal.
About both movies.
There is nothing more disappointing to be jazzed about a new Pacino movie and then watch it and have that WTF feeling when it's over.
"Righteous Kill" was particularly disappointing because hubs and I were really looking forward to the Pacino/DiNiro pair up.
Are there no good screenplay writers left in Hollywood?

3.31.09, 7:11 PM
I just wonder what these guys are thinking when they read some of these scripts??? They can't possibly need the money that bad, can they?