View Full Version : The sugar sweet garbage on the shuis thing

7.21.07, 10:00 PM
on the other board is just tooooo much. The puck photo bucket is so vile.

7.28.07, 12:14 PM
It's a terrible format for posting pics on. At least here it would have an organized place. There are times it really clutters up the other boards. I wish more people would come over here.

7.28.07, 4:38 PM
I have not seen pics on the Days, Y & R or B & B boards. One poster said that is all shuis fans have is pics and memories. I ignore them as much as I can.

7.30.07, 11:07 AM
If you choose to ignore them then, why constantly comment about it here and at the old board? That's not ignoring them, it's adding more fuel to the fire.

7.30.07, 11:38 AM
The best part of the CR boards are the Shuis pic of the day. Many thanks to Ann for posting these each day. All Shuis fans appreciate this and know that Shuis WILL reunite once again. They are soulmates. Pretty soon there will be an explanation as to why everyone is acting so out of character.

7.30.07, 6:50 PM
Shuis are done. The pics didn't start till after that was clear. There are definately times the pic posts clutter the other board which does make it hard to ignore them. Here it's a great format as you don't even have to enter the photo area if you choose not to.

I think it will be interesting to see how far back in time Endora changes things but it can't be too far since she's only 3 or so. At this point in the show they can't just have her erase the last year or so and think that the fans will accept that. Sure many Shuis fans would be happy. But there are more than just Shuis fans out there who have rooted for other characters who's lives have changed for better or for worse in the last year. If we were just considering the Shuis fans and the Lancy fans it looks like there's a close to even split so I don't think it would be a possitive thing for the show especially with the move to DTV.

7.30.07, 7:11 PM
I think what worries me is that when they had old Passion episodes on Sci-Fi it was cancelled. As I understand Endora is only going back to where Luis will be exonerated. Of course that is hard to tell in Passion time how far back that will be.

7.30.07, 11:01 PM
Shuis are done. The pics didn't start till after that was clear.
That is not true. We have had a Shuis pic of the day on the CR boards since Sheridan was on the island with Antonio with amnesia. There have been several different posters who have done it over the years. I have had several turns myself and when I couldn't for several months someone else took over. Yes, there have been short periods of time when we didn't have one because there was no one who was available to post. The Evian pic of the day has been around for several years. There used to be a Therox pic of the day long after they were done. There have been different posters who have at one time or another posted pics of Lancy, Juvy, ET, and others but Shuis pics have been a constant and are the longest running ones at CR.


7.31.07, 12:00 AM
Well post the pics where they belong.

7.31.07, 1:51 AM
As far back as I remember...and I'm not on this site much, but there has always been a SHUIS and a Eve/Julian pic...which is just as nice.
I don't get it....if u don't want to see the SHUIS pic on the old CR board..all u have to do is scan down over it to the next remarks. I sure don't pull up any T/E/G stuff...and never have...but I don't sit and complain about all the post from their fans.

7.31.07, 12:32 PM
For a long time there wasn't a daily pic posting. Then for a while it started taking over the board. That is what the problem was. Discussions were getting buried because of it and there were many who didn't like that and voiced their opinion on it. The threads with those opinions got deleted. Things only get deleted when someone alerts which happens on a regular basis from fans of Shuis for things that aren't that big of a deal. It's no wonder that people have complained about deletions and it's totally justified. What I do think is that if adults want to be part of an internet community they need to accept that people will disagree with them a grow a thicker skin. Now some comments do justify deletion but many that have been deleted are due to way over sensitivity.

Ann you in a sense are agreeing with me when you said that there have been times that for several months there wasn't a Shuis pic thread daily because I wasn't on here during the Shertonio stuff. I'm talking in the last two years the Shuis pics really picked up after they were over with.

But can we at this point say hey this is a new format where everything is more organized and no single thread topic can clutter it up and move on and enjoy discussing the show. I know I can and I know that we have as well. I for one would love to just be here for the enjoyment of chatting it up about the show.