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3.28.09, 1:23 AM
Add yourself to the Simplify Media "friends" registry.

Just reply to this thread with a subject line that looks like this:

Simplify Username : approx # of songs : hours up : featured genres.

FYI: Simplify Media (http://www.simplifymedia.com) is a really easy way to (legally!) share your music collection with up to 30 other "friends" -- and vice versa.

It's simple to set up and you can get access to literally tens of thousands of songs free!

There's also an app for iPhone/iPod Touch too so that you can search and listen your entire library and not just what will fit on your iPod. (As of version 2.0, you can now search all of your shared libraries!)

Once you're on Simplify, come add yourself to this registry and "invite" the other people you see here to share with you.

Try to have song ID tags up to date and clean. (With access to many thousands of songs, genre suddenly becomes very important. ;-)

Put extended info about your collection in the body of the note.

Subscribe to this thread here, so you'll receive a notice when a new friend is added.

3.28.09, 1:25 AM
Looking for "friends" will all kinds of tastes.

The collection also has:
= Classical guitar -- many different master performers & styles.
= Classical - orchestral, chamber, string quartet and a little "best of" opera.
= North African & Middle Eastern: classical and pop. Good stuff here.
= a taste of R&B and funk; Rascals & AWB to JB to Parliament
= some jazz both traditional and some 70's-80s "modern" and fusion.
= Lots of tasty son music from Cuba from the 40s thru Buena Vista @ Carnegie Hall
= and, always, more.

3.30.09, 12:40 PM
And, of course, Brilliant Sweaters.

3.30.09, 6:03 PM
Great stash, THP. Thanks for sharing. Ramones! dood.

Wouldn't you know; about 10 hours after I posted this my server quit! Bidding on a new motherboard now. Fingers crossed.

3.31.09, 11:50 AM
swervin:8700:24x7:Something for everyone

Moderators update: Swervin's stash is huge, wonderfully varied and seems to be growing by an album or two or three every week

5.14.09, 10:20 AM
Some classical and world. Lots of variety.

5.14.09, 10:24 AM
Jonfurr : 4,000 : most days : rock, punk, jazz

Not up every day, but a good stash when it's there.

5.14.09, 10:25 AM
KevinJTaylor : 1,500 : random : punk, emo, classical, jazz

8.17.09, 3:45 PM

I would love to share my library. It is filled thus far with alot of rare live rock, folk recordings of great artists and other music in the jazz genre. The library is growing and the more people who share the more the list will grow.

Live stuff you are interested in hearing? I take requests! :)

Simplify name: farans
Please ping me if my music does not show up. I am new to this.

Dr. Mike
8.18.09, 10:25 AM
Sent an invite! Cool.

9.6.09, 10:19 AM
Since upgrading to SM latest, SM is running at 50 - 75% CPU all the time.
I've put in 3 support request to SM and nada.. nothing back.. Nice..
Whatever SM is doing, there is constant IP traffic to the SM host.
On a whim I created a new account and things are normal with it..

NEW share info

swervin33 : 10527 : 24x7 : various

Feel free to connect!


Dr. Mike
9.7.09, 1:28 AM
My server seems to be OK; but it's not been upgraded. LOL
Client, on a different computer, has that same 50-75% CPU issue. Stopped running the client because of it. Simplify seems unaware; as you say.

Will try the "new account" trick for the client (and leave the server alone. LOL)

Thanks for the tip!

10.14.09, 9:30 PM
Username: apg200055
Tracks: 14K
Online: Typically 24/7
Genres: Heavy in rock, pop, alt, country
*I keep an current playlist of my newly added songs over the last 6 months
*Clean tags/album artwork/playlists
*Playlist for solo Piano music

10.15.09, 7:32 AM
Folks.. Since going to 2.x of SimplyMedia, I've had nothing but a bad experience. After several uninstalls/reinstalls of the sw, the last involving a complete cleansing of the registry, it seems to be stable. The problem I was having was CPU usage in the 50% - 80% constantly if SM running. It seemed to be in a perpetual update of the SM servers. I got one reply from SM support quoting the FAQ entry (as if I han't read that already) and then nothing.
If you were connected to swervin SM and would like to reconnect, please delete me on your side and invite me to re-establish.

swervin : 10,600 : random: rock, classic rock, easy listening, soundtracks

Dr. Mike
10.15.09, 12:37 PM
Done. Thanks.

It is a little surprising and a bit more frustrating that the Simplify folks are not responsive. Boo.

Accidental pun: "not responsive". That's how my PC gets if Simplify gets into a snit.

12.23.09, 12:23 PM
I'm back in the game, kids. Got it running on my work computer at my new job.

Lost a lot of music, working on regaining what's been lost.

3.8.10, 10:06 PM
Little late to the party but would love to share some music.

I'm always open and would love to share if you have 50g or more of music.



3.12.10, 3:23 PM
Always on