View Full Version : So many new shows this summer

7.21.07, 5:56 PM
I loved Mad Men on AMC (it started on Thursday, repeats of first episode several times before next Thursday). Also, more fluffy but still good is "State of Mind" on Lifetime. I just read about more coming this week, all getting good reviews from the critics:

The Kill Point- Sunday on Spike with Donnie Wahlberg and John Leguizamo. It's a mini-series, just 8 episodes about a hostage situation
Saving Grace- Monday on TNT with Holly Hunter, Kenny Johnson (Lem from The Shield) and Leon Rippy (Tom Nuttall on Deadwood) described as "An angel offers a jaded Oklahoma City police detective the chance to redeem her life."
Damages- Tuesday on FX w/Glenn Close This one is getting the best reviews, described as a show you will still be thinking about a few days later.I think there are more coming in August, but can't remember what they are. Thank goodness for TiVo!

7.31.07, 3:35 AM
As a Glenn Close fan, I was looking forward to Damages, so watched the first one...but....
I dunno. It seemed disjointed and just plain weird in some parts. There's a funny review I read or saw about Glenn's character turning up at a wedding for the sister of a potential new-hire lawyer...and why was Glenn's character hanging around in the bathroom stall, with a drink in her hand, waiting for the applicant to come in then stroll out to talk to her. It was kinda creepy...lol.

Saving Grace: Of course, I looked forward to seeing a program that was to be based locally (as I live in the OKC metro area). I did enjoy seeing some of the location shots, but as I feared several of the characters are portrayed as rednecks and S...t kickers. I'm not a tv prude as some of my fav shows include Nip/Tuck and Rescue Me. Both can be hardcore...lol.

But, some of "Grace" seemed contrived and gratuitous titilation.

A couple more weeks I'll watch and see if both improves for my tastes...lol!