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3.22.09, 2:52 PM
...I know there are lots of ladies over on the Pier who are crazy about these books and the movie - and I wanted to see what all the hoopla was about, so we rented and watched this last night.

Um ... I don't get it. The movie was terrible, IMHO. I thought that both actors playing Edward and Bella just looked like they were constipated throughout the whole thing! :)

No cult for me!! :D

3.22.09, 3:11 PM
At last, I am not the lone voice.
Actually, I'm not.
I've read posts on dozens of message boards saying that Meyer's writing is extremely poor and that people don't get the obsessive hype.
I can sort of get why teenage girls might like them.
But I'm totally flummoxed over grown women and their obsession with these books.
I agree that Stoned-Faced Stewart was horrible
casting for this movie, whether I care for the story or not.

3.22.09, 4:19 PM
If you have not read the books, there is no way you're going to get the movie. Now, I've said I wasnt thrilled with the movie- it completely chopped up the movie and Kristen Stewart is a horrible actress to me and I wasnt very happy with her as Bella but I didnt choose her for the part. I did like the movie past a certain point- pretty much the second half.

I think if you read the books, because you already love Edward & Bella so much- it's not a huge let down that the movie was such a bummer because you know the whole story before all the cut outs. Im hoping the second movie will be 100 times better since the budget shouldnt be as tight, and hoping KS gets some acting lessons.

As far as Robert Pattinson- I get why he looked the way he looked througout the movie- he's a vampire who is in love with a human that he also wants to kill because he thirsts for her blood. I dont think anyone would look any better in that type of position.

3.22.09, 5:38 PM
I have a favorite love story, and it's "The Thorn Birds" by Colleen McCullough. It was beautifully cast, the characters came to life just as you imagined them while reading the book.
If "Twilight" had been my cup of tea, love story wise, I would have gagged at the portrayal of the main characters.
I've seen clips from the movie and they look positively tedious.
The dialogue between Pattinson and Stewart is forced and lacking any real passion.
And the showdown between Pattinson and the "bad boys" is positively comical.
If this is what passes for a "love story" in 2010, I'll stick to the oldies, thanks.

3.22.09, 5:47 PM
I have a favorite love story, and it's "The Thorn Birds" by Colleen McCullough. It was beautifully cast, the characters came to life just as you imagined them while reading the book.
OMG I LOVE The Thorn Birds!!!

3.22.09, 7:33 PM
mtj- I agree. 100%. I'm not happy with the portrayal of the characters. BUT, I know that the budget was not big so they did what they could. Trust me, I would have LOVED to have the real Bella and Edward from the book come to life in the movie.

3.22.09, 7:51 PM
ok im gonna jump in here and give my review.

When I saw previews for this movie I was totally disappointed because I thought wow aren't vampire men suppose to be sexy?? I didn't think based on the clips they let out for the movie that he was sexy at all.

Then I read the book and I fell for Edward. I am an avid reader and I HATE love stories. But I loved this book. I only read the 1st one. I cant wait to read the next ones.

Then I thought ok the movie is based on this book I must see this movie. I completely changed my views on the Edward I saw in previews and he became VERY sexy and very handsome to me. Bella and the girl who portrayed her I am sorry I couldn't see another person playing her. She IMO did a wonderful job and she was suppose to be hum drum. So she did just great.

Matter of fact im going out right now n buying it on blue ray ;)

3.22.09, 8:10 PM
DA, I know she's supposed to be hum drum, it's not about that, it's her acting that just sucked to me. It could have been a whole lot better than she played it. I'll still watch it over and over again, just because I do love the story- I just really hope that with all the money they made on the first one, the budget for new moon and the rest will be better played out. They skipped WAY too many things in Twilight.

If you loved the first one- you will LOVE the rest- although the second book was quite depressing for a while, its worth it. Trust me!

3.23.09, 9:40 AM
I posted this on the pier, should have put it here.

I watched the movie saturday night, then again on sunday. I would give it 7 out of 10. Kristen Stewart is not the best actress. The make-up person should have been fired, omg, the white faces were way over the top. You could see the white line on Edward's jaw. His neck was tan colored and his face was white. Is K.S. that pale or was she also wearing make-up to make her look so white? I know Bella is pale but come on, she looked like a vampire. The Dr was not what I expected, I was thinking someone hot, and more manly. The wig on Jacob was terrible. My husband laughed his but off at the baseball game, he said, Oh those are some hip vamps, Detroit Tigers could use them. Even with all my complains I did enjoy the movie, but the book was so much better.

Jennifer Marie
4.7.09, 1:04 PM
I liked the book better than the movie version. Which actors would have you picked for the roles in your own opinion?

11.8.09, 11:48 PM
Me and my husband finally saw the movie twilight.Good movie and gorgeous actors

11.9.09, 1:33 AM
I read all the books and OMG I hope because of the budgets getting from the 1st and obviously SOON to be *im takin my daughter to see it* 2nd movie they will go more by the book and not omit to much. The books are fantastic

8.11.10, 12:12 PM
Gee, not sure if I am totally alone here, but I saw Twilight before I read the books, loved it, then read all the books, and felt they did a great job in casting the characters. I personally think Kristen Stewart is great as Bella, she is the perfect mix of awkward, shy and all the things Bella is in the books, and Rob is a perfect Edward. I re-read the books recently, and saw them both in each page. I loved Eclipse, have loved them all, but Eclipse was in my mind, the best so far. I think people are too judgemental about people's looks, and it takes away from appreciating the movie. Rob doesn't look like everyone else, and that is why he is such a perfect Edward. I thought every character was cast just right. And, by the way, I am 52, not a gushy youngun, and I loved it all!

8.11.10, 12:15 PM
Thank you! Finally found someone I agree with.

8.11.10, 11:58 PM
I totally agree also I am 44 and not a teenager also.I love the books and the dvds and can't get enough of twilight specially now Eclipse.Can't wait for breaking dawn next.