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3.17.09, 2:47 PM
Theresa and Ethan had been friends for years. One day they were hanging out and about to cross the street when Theresa grabbed Ethans arm
T: Ethan I need to tell you something. I love you
He turned to look at her
E: Theresa you don't love me trust me
T: Ethan yes i do. I really do
Ethan touched her shoulder
E: No you don't
he looked both ways and ran across the street. Theresa went after him and got hit by a car. Ethan ran to her and grabbed her. The guy who hit her couldn't stop in time. Ethan rushed her to the emergency room
E: I need help
EV: What happened to her
E: We were walking and i ran across the street and she didn't look and she got hit
Ev: We need to get her to the emergency room fast
They rushed her into the emergency she had broke ribs, a broken leg, and a broken arm. Ethan called Whitney and she didn't answer and he left a message. Theresa rushed into surgery for her ribs and Ethan waited outside. Then Eve came back in to tell Ethan what was going on
E: How is she
Ev: She is recovering and her ribs will heal. I don't want her to talk just write things down until her ribs heal because it will be painful.
E: Alright
They wheeled her to a room and she was still asleep. Ethan sat in her room until she woke up. he fell asleep on the chair until morning.

3.17.09, 2:48 PM
Hope you all like it. please tell me how it is. Sorry so short

3.22.09, 10:00 AM
Ch. 2
The next morning Ethan woke up and saw that Theresa was still asleep. He heard someone ask about her and walked out and saw Whitney.
W: Ethan how is she
E: Well she just got surgery on her ribs. She is supposed to get surgery on her arms in a little while so I need to go to the office right now but i will be back before she gets surgery.
W: Ok i will sit with her.
E: ok thanks
he went in her room and kissed her on the forehead. I will be back soon. Whitney walked out with Ethan
E: This is all my fault
W: This is not your fault
E: Yes it is. If i wouldn't of ran off like that she wouldn't of gotten hit
W: Ethan she is an adult she knows she should of looked before she crossed the street
E: I need to go to work
W: Ok i will be here
E: Thank
Whitney walked in the room and Theresa looked at her and openened her mouth
W: Theresa no don't talk your not supposed too. Thats the dr's orders. Let me go get a nurse
Whitney got a nurse and brought her in
N: Ok Theresa your not supposed to talk for a couple of days until your ribs heal a little bit. Write things down on a notepad. The nurse brought a notepad in and a pen and left the room. Theresa took the notepad and wrote: Wheres ethans?
W: He had to go back to the office he said he will be back before your surgery
She nodded. Whitney got a brush out and combed Theresa's hair it was a mess. Then the Dr came in
Dr: Theresa we arae going to go surgery on your broken arm. I know its early but the sooner the better
W: I will call ethan
Theresa mouthed thank you and they wheeled her away. Whitney went to a payphone and called Ethan and got voicemail. She went back to Theresa's room and waited. Ethan came to Therea's room 20 minutes later with flowers.
E: is she still in surgery
W: Yea she should be back soon
E: Dang it I was hoping i would be here when they did it
W: Don't worry I was here she is fine
E: I hope so they waited together

4.5.09, 3:11 PM
Theresa came back twenty minutes later. She was asleep.
Dr: She is alright her arm is recovering but I don't think she will be awake until morning
E: Oh ok
W: Thanks
The Dr. left the room
E: I don't know there is not much we can do now since she is asleep
W: Someone should stay with her
E: Well how about this go home get something to eat, shower, and get some sleep. Come back later tonight and stay with her. I have to go to the office in the morning anyways.
W: ok i will be back about 8 sound good.
E: Sounds fine nine if u want too. i will call you if something changes.
W: Ok
Ethan sat in Theresa's room and looked at magazines, watched some tv and then he started to doze. He had a dream about making love to Theresa. When he woke up. He got up and wondered why he was thinking about that it made him happy though. Whitney got there about nine and then Ethan left. When Theresa woke up the next morning Whitney was watching tv. She flipped it off when she saw Theresa was awake.
W: Hey honey
Theresa waved and Whitney gave her a notepad and a pen. The first thing she asked was where Ethan was.
W: he had to go to the office for a few but he will be back soon.
Theresa then wrote that Ethan loved her
W: I don't think so honey. Why would you think that did he tell you that
T: She then wrote that she just knew
Just then Ethan walked through the door
T: Eth.. ow it hurts
She started screaming out ouches. A nurse rushed in there
N: What happened?
E: She tried to say my name
N: Honey you know your not supposed to talk
E: Give her a shot do something
N: Alright
She grabbed her syringe and gave it to her while Whitney and Ethan tried to calm her down
E: Theresa shh quiet you will feel better in a second shhh.
She stopped screaming a few seconds later
N: Now Theresa you can't talk
She shook her head
N: I don't want to have to come in here again and give you another one
Theresa shook her head. The nurse left
E: Theresa why did you get so excited. You can't do those kind of things.
She took her notepad and wrote sorry
E: No its ok i just hate seeing you in that much pain
She smiled at him. Then dr came in and said lets do your leg now. They wheeled her out and Ethan and Whitney went and got a coffee and went back to the room.
W: Hey Ethan you know what Theresa told me. She told me that u loved her
E: What where did she get a crazy idea like that
W: That is what i said and she said she just knew
E: Thats crazy
W: Yea i know. She is really crazy about you
E: I can see that if she wasn't she wouldn't be like she is right now. I hate to hurt her
W: Well its never easy to tell a person you care about that you don't feel the same way
E: Yea i know that
Theresa came back an hour later.
Dr: She is fine. She should be awake in a couple of hours. This one was easier to fix. When she wakes up come and get me i have some things i need to tell her
She wok up a half and hour later. She smiled at both of them and grabbed her notepad. She wrote: can someone go to my house and get a few things for me. She wrote down what she needed and handed it to Whitney
W: I'll do it honey. The dr wanted to talk to you. I will go tell him your awake
E: How do u feel
She wrote down that she felt achy
E: well thats pry normal with surgery
the doctor came in
Dr: Hey Theresa
She smiled at him
Dr: Well you are recovering nicely and i want to start talking tomorrow. Its going to be painful but you need to strengthen everything. Then you will need therapy for a couple of weeks after you get out. I am not sure when we are going to release you yet but i want to see how everything heals and stuff.
She smiled at the doctor and he left.
W: Alright i will go home and get the things you want
Theresa smiled at her and she left
E: Theresa why did you tell Whitney i love you. Where did you get an idea from that
She wrote down the same thing she had told Whitney
E: Theresa there has got to be a reason that you think that. You can't just think that when i told you i didn't
She wrote down time will tell
E: Yes it will i hate to hurt you Theresa but you need to think more clearly.
She just smiled at him. Ethan talked about his job and Theresa wrote him a few things and Whitney was back soon.
W: Ok I am back
E: I am going to go home and get some sleep, shower and eat. i will be back after i work a few hours.
He gave Whitney a hug and kissed Theresa's forehead and left.
W: Here honey i brought your hairbrush.
She brushed Theresa's hair and then the telephone beside her bed rang. Whitney answered it
W: hello
N: Hey this is Nick.
W: What do you want
N: Little Ethan want to see his mother. i was think maybe tomorrow
W: Hold on. Theresa Nick wants to bring Little Ethan by tomorrow is that ok
She shook her head yes
W: Yea thats fine.
She got a few details and hung up
W: He said he would be by tomorrow at about one
Theresa wrote down that she missed her son and couldn't wait to see him
W: Ugh i can't stand Nick i pry won't be here when he comes Ethan can deal with him
Theresa wrote down that Whitney could go home as well she could be alone there were nurses here
W: No i am going to keep you company
Theresa and whitney talked. Whitney feel asleep in the chair when Theresa finally fell asleep.Ethan came back the next day at ten. Theresa and Whitney were both talking when he walked in
T: Hey... Ethan
E: Hey its nice to hear your voice again
T: Its... a ... little... pain... ful
E: the doctor said it would be. Take it slow
W: Well I need to get going. Oh Ethan Nick is dropping by
E: What does he want
W: Little Ethan wants to see his mother
E: Even though we don't like Nick Little Ethan should see her
T: Why bad..mouth... Nick
E: Theresa the man cheated on you
T: I know
E: Well there is your answer
T: He ... is... Little... Ethans fath...er
E: yea he is
W: Well I am going home call me when he leaves
E: She will
Ethan and Theresa talked while they waited for Nick to show up with her son

4.17.09, 12:18 PM
Nick showed up in 10 minutes. When her Little Ethan walked in he ran to her.
LE: Mommy
T: Sweetheart
She hugged and kissed him.
T: Oh i missed you so much
LE: Me too
N: Hey how are you
T: I am ok thanks
LE: Hey Ethan
Little Ethan went over and sat on Little Ethans lap. he loved him. Nick sat down next to Theresa on the bed. While Little Ethan talked to Ethan he watched Nick.
N: So how are you
T: I feel like I got ran over by a truck
N: Well you don't look like it
T: Well thanks so how is Little Ethan
N: he is good he just missed you.
T: I missed him too
N: Well once you get out of her hopefully you will be able to see him more
T: Yea i know
N: How much longer do u have
T: I don't know yet
Then Little Ethan got up and went to see his mom.
E: hey Nick how are you
N: Fine
E: alright then
They left a few mintues later because Little Ethan couldn't stay too long. Little Ethan and Nick gave Theresa a hug. Little Ethan gave Ethan a hug He was getting jelous. They finally left
E: Gosh i don't like him
T: Are you jelous
E: of course not
T: Well he is a good dad
E: i know I just don't like the way he treated you
T: We are adults about it
Just then Theresa family came in. Pilar, Martin, Luis, Antnio, and Paloma came in. they all greeted Ethan and Theresa.
E: Its so nice you all came down
Pi: Well we haven't seen her yet and we needed to see how she is doing
T: I am fine
L: When do u get out
E: We don't know yet the dr said hoepfully soon. Well i need to do a few things in the office. Do you want me to call Whitney
T: Yes if you can. tell her i will call her once my family leaves
E: Ok
M: Ethan you don't have to leave you can stay
E: no i need to do some work. I will call later
T: Alright
He kissed her on the forehead and left
Pi: I know that look on your face Thresa
T: he loves me
M: Theresa stop it
T: No papa he does. You weren't here when Nick was here
Pi: Wait why was Nick here
T: So i could see my son
Pi: Well at least someone was here. I don't like him
T: Well i got to see my son but he got jelous
L: i don't like Nick either Theresa you probably misread him
T: No i didn't
Pa: Theresa you might have
T: You are all wrong
A: Ok we didn't come here to argue and the nurses might get mad lets visit now
T: thank you
They talked about an hour and left. Then Whitney came to see her and they talked

4.29.09, 2:46 PM
ch. 5
Whitney and Theresa were talking when Ethan came back.
W: Hey i am going to go home and shower and eat. I will be back in the morning
T: Ok bye
Ethan and Theresa talked and then it got late
T: You can go home now. I am going to go to sleep
E: i will sit here until you fall asleep
T: ok thats fine
Ethan flipped through a magazine and then when Theresa was asleep he went over to her and whispered
E: i love you
he kissed her on the mouth and walked out. Thersa opened her eyes.
T: I knew it she whispered
She fell asleep. Whitney came in the next morning and Theresa woke up after 20 minutes of her being there.
W: Hey honey
T: Hey guess what Ethan loves me
W: Here we go again
T: no last night when i was asleep before he left he wshipered that he loved me and kissed me on the lips
W: um you were dreaming
T: No he thought i was asleep but i was awake
W: Listen i know u want ethan to love you but give it a rest
Whitney grabbed her coat and left. She couldn't believe she reacted like that. Ethan came in an hour later.
T: Hey ethan
E: How are you
T: good hey last night did u tell me that u loved me?
he hesitated
T: Ethan please say yes or no. Was I dreaming?
E: Theresa yes i told u that i loved you because i do
T: You do so why did you lie and tell me you didn't
E: I got scared i have never felt this way about anyone before and i am scared
T: We can be scared together
She pulled him closer to her and she kissed him. he kissed her back. Their first kiss was hot and passionate. Whitney knocked on the door to let them know she was there
T: Hey come in. What did i tell you Whitney
W: i am sorry i snapped at you Theresa
T: Don't worry
W: So its true Ethan
E: Yea i do love her
W: i am glad you are finally together
They all sat around and talked and the dr came in
Dr; hello i would like to say Theresa can go home in a week in a wheelchair but she will have to go to therapy to learn to walk again
T: This is wonderful doctor to get out of bed.
Dr: I bet
W: Well i am going to go give my mother the good news and call yours
T: Thanks whit
She knew Whitney was giving them time alone. As she walked out she winked at Theresa. Ethan pulled his chair closer to hers and sat down then he got up and kissed her. She kissed him back
E: I can't wait until u get home and i can take u out on a date
T: i can't wait either
She pulled him down and kissed him.
T: So this is really happening
E: yes we are together.
T: i am so glad
E: me too
they sat and talked her mom came in
E: hey pilar
P: Hello i came to see my daughter
E: well i will leave you two alone
he left
P: Whit called i hear they are releasing u in a week
T: yea and
P: What are you doing with Ethan
T: We are together
P: I know Whitney told me
T: Well whats the problem
P: Theresa I don't want you to get hurt
T: Mother if Ethan is willing to give me a chance i am going to take it
P: Ok i love you thats all
her whole family visted her later on and they talked and then Whitney came back
W: i am so happy for you
T: me too Ethan is great
W: Where is he
T: At the office
W: he is there an awful lot
T: I know but once i am released we can have lunch together and i can visit him
W: Well thats good
T: Ethan will be happy i know he will. I can do that for him

5.2.09, 12:09 PM
Ch. 6
The next morning the dr came in
Dr: Theresa i am going to release you in a couple of hours
T: You are
Dr: you have healed nicely. I have some instructions i want you to follow. You will be bedridden for another week. The only way i want you to get out of bed is to use the restroom. You will still have to have someone help you to get into your wheelchair and then get right back into bed. After a week then you will have to come here and do physical therapy so you can get the use in your legs abck.
T: ok thanks you dr. i will pay you back for all of this little by little
Dr: Oh its all taken care of
T: huh
Dr: Ethan payed for it
The dr walked out she couldn't believe Ethan had payed for her. She was dumbfounded. Ethan walked in 20 minutes later
T: Ethan
E: Hey I heard they were going to release you in 2 more hours you want me to take you home?
T: yea that would be great. How come you payed my bill?
E: Theresa I know your family is struggling and plus i feel it is myu fault
T: baby its not your fault ok. I am an adult i should of looked before i crossed this is my fault and my own carelessness
Then whitney walked in
W: Honey i heard you are getting released
T: yea in 2 hours.
W: This is going to be great
T: Well I am bedridden for another week and then i can only get out of bed to use the bathroom with my wheelchair then after that i have to go to physical therapy to get my legs working
W: hey at least you are at home
T: it will be nice to be home and maybe Little Ethan can come and stay with me
W: There you go. Hey Ethan
E: Hey
They sat and talked then the dr came in
Dr: Alright i am going to have you sign these release forms and here is your wheelchair and you can go.
Ethan left the room and Whitney helped Theresa dress and Ethan came in and lifted Theresa out of bed and put her in her wheelchair. Then they left and he lifted her in the front seat and they went to her house. Whitney followed behind them. Ethan carried her in. Pilar greeted them
P: Oh dios mia my baby is home
T: Yes i am
W: I am sure she is glad to be back
T: I am
E: Where do you want to be the bed or couch
T: Bed please
Whitney brought the wheelchair behind them. Ethan placed Theresa gently on the bed.
E: There you go
W: Theresa honey i need to get going but i will be back later this evening Chad wants to see me
T: Go you two come back later
W: Alright bye
Theresa and Ethan both said bye. Pilar came in
P: Ethan are you staying for awhile
E: I can
P: I got a crisis at work and everyone else is gone
E: Its fine
Pilar left
T: Thanks for paying for me
E: your welcome
he sat on the bed and kissed her. She kissed him back. Thersa pulled away
T: Were alone
E: yes and
She raised her eyebrows up and down
E: your on bed rest and still recovering
T: Yes but i can lie down
E: I don't know
She grabbed the back of head and kissed him. it got hot and heavy. They were kissing and touching each other they were lying down.
E: Theresa lets cool down
T: No
He got up.
E: No i don't want to hurt you lets wait it will be better
T: Alright if you say so
E: I do say so
Whitney and Chad came by to see her and Ethan left. They talked and then her ex Nick came in with Little Ethan
N: Hey everyone
W: Hey
C: Hey
N: I thought i would drop him off with you for a couple of days
T: Thanks Nick
He left he knew no one liked him
LE: Mommy
T: Hey honey
Then Pilar came home and Whitney and Chad left so Theresa could spend some time with Little Ethan alone. She played with her son the whole afternoon. They ate dinner together. She didn't realize how much she missed him until now. They slept in the same bed together. The next day she spent the whole day with him. Ethan and Whitney called to check in on her but she told them she wanted to be alone with her son. Her family came in out of her room to talk to her. It was so good to see her family and her son. It was good to be home. She couldn't wait to see Ethan again

5.11.09, 12:19 PM
Ethan came to see her that morning and she was still asleep. Little Ethan was already up eating breakfast and she sat down with Little Ethan and watched cartoons with him while they waited for Theresa to wake up
T: Little Ethan i'm up
Little Ethan got up and raced upstairs and Ethan was behind him
T: Hello honey. Ethan hey i didn't know you were here so early.
E: yea i am
he went over and kissed her
LE: Are you and my mommy dating now
E: Yes we are
LE: Good l like that
E: Me too
T: I third that
Then the nanny came up so her and Ethan could have time alone. The week went by fast. Ethan and Whitney came to see her often and at the end of the week Ethan took her to get some of her physical therapy.
E: Are you nervous
T: Kind of I don't have any feeling in my legs and i wonder if it will hurt or if I won't be able to walk at all
E: The doctor said it was a good possibility.
They were quiet the rest of the way there. They got their and Ethan wheeled her in. The physical therapist meant them at the dest
Theriapist:(Th) hello there
E: hello
T: Hello I am Theresa this is my boyfriend Ethan
Th: Hello Theresa the doctor told me you were arriving this way
Ethan pushed Theresa and followed her.
Th: Alright Ethan if you could help me that would be good
E: Alright
Th: i want you to help me stand Theresa up
they helped Theresa stand
th: Does it hurt at all can you feel anything
T: It doesn't hurt and i can feel my legs
Th: Thats good
They helped her over to the bars to see if she could walk holding onto the bars. Ethan stood her there and she tried to walk and she cried out in pain and fell and Ethan caught her
T: It hurts
Th: Could you feel your legs
T: yes or i wouldn't be in pain
Th: Thats what happens with a lot of people so your fine its normal.
The theriapist walked across with her a couple of times and they let her rest because she was in a lot of pain. She told her to come back next week but now she was off bedrest. They drove home
T: I don't want to go back that hurt
E: Honey you have to she said that everything that happened was normal it will get easier little by little. I will right there with you
T: I don't want to back i want to be in my wheelchair pain free
E: You didn't think it was going to be painful walking again
T: Well this wouldn't of happened if this weren't for you. I would still be walking
E: I am sorry i know this is my fault what do u want me to do
T: Ethan i am sorry i am just frustrated this was my fault.
he didn't say another word. When they got to her house he wheeled her in and said he had to go
T: Ethan i didn't mean what i said
E: I know
he left and she felt terriable

5.29.09, 2:41 PM
Ch. 8
As soon as Theresa got up she reached for the phone and called Ethan straight to voicemail. She hung up the phone. She got in her wheelchair and called to Little Ethan. He came upstairs. Then she got dressed and called downstairs to Luis. He came upstairs brought her downstairs and broguht her wheelchair downstairs and put her in it. She called Ethan's cell again. It went to voicemail. She sat around and couldn't wait any longer. She called Whitney and she came over.
W: ok Theresa whats up
T: Well I kind of said something to Ethan that i shouldn't have and he won't answer his phone its bothering me. Can you take me over there
W: Yea sure
Luis put Theresa in Whitneys car and they drove to Ethan's
Ethan had drank himself silly. Thank god his mother had found him. Gwen had come over since she hadn't seen him and she was taking care of him with Ivy.
G: Ethan its Gwen
E: Gwen
G: Yea its me. How are you?
E: I don't know i don't feel well
G: Well you shouldn't. You drank a lot today. Eve said you should be fine but to take it easy
The doorbell rang
I: I will get that
There was Theresa in her wheelchair. Whitney was in the car
I: What do you want
T: Is Ethan here i have been calling and calling
I: Well you are the one that led him to get alchol poising.
T: What
I: yea he thought you were so upset that he drank so much he got poising
T: Is he ok
I: he will be. You stay away from him
T: Tell him i am sorry. Please
Then she saw Gwen
T: What is she doing here
I: She came here to see Ethan she is a friend of the family and she will be here if she wants
T: Why because she is rich
I: That has nothing to do with it but she didn't lead Ethan to drink thats for sure
T: Please
G: Go home Theresa you don't need to be here
T: I could say the same for you
G: Just go
T: Gwen you don't need to be in the converstation. You have no right...
I: Theresa go before i call security
Whitney saw it getting out of hand.
W: Come on Theresa
T: Whitney no I...
W: come lets go home you can talk to him later. She wheeled Theresa around and got her in the car. Once they got home she got Theresa into the house. Little Ethan was with a friend so they could talk
T: i can't believe Gwen was there and that Ethan drank
W: Ethan is a big boy this wasn't your fault
T: it seems like it.
W: Gwen and Ivy want you to think that
T: you are probably right
W: Ethan loves you i wouldn't worry about it. He doesn't love gwen.
They talked for almost the whole afternoon. At the mansion.
E: Where is Theresa
G: I don't know
E: Thats weird i thought she would be here
G: Nope but I am
E: Gwen i know that you care for me but we are not a couple
G: I can't care about and care for a friend
E: Oh you can and i do appreciate it
G: Good now drink some water
Ethan did as he was told
G: I didn't hear from you in awhile
E: Well i can say its good to see you
G: You too. I miss seeing you and having lunch together
E: Well maybe we could make some lunch dates as friends
G: yea i would love that
E: could i have my cell i need to call Theresa
G: No you may not you need to rest
E: Gwen
G: Ethan i am following what Eve said
E: so she told you and my mom I wasn't allowed to use my phone. Its not like i am asking to go to the office
G: She said rest and relaxation. Oh I am going to the office and doing some work for you so you can rest
E: Thanks i appreciate that
G: That is why i am leaving to do some work. Now sleep and no talking on your cell
E: Fine
G: I will be back later to check on you
She left and went into the living room
G: make sure he doesn't get on his phone
I: Alright i was gong to do that
G: He asked about Theresa but i told him she didn't stop by
I: good
G: Alright i am going to his office to work for a little while i will be back soon
Gwen pulled her car out of the garage and went to the office. She was going to get Ethan back

5.31.09, 5:12 PM
Ch. 9
Theresa wasn't one to give up. If she wanted something she was bound and determined to get it. Theresa called whitney and had her come over
T: I need you to drive me over to the mansion'
W: To cause problems
T: no just to see if Gwen is there
W: Ok
At the mansion. Gwen did indeed spend the night. When Ethan woke up he was surprised to see gwen beside him
E: Gwen what are you doing in my bed
G: I wanted to make sure you were ok
E: yes you should of at least asked if it was ok to sleep beside me
G: I thought it would be
Gwen was in a lacy see through night gown. She had always wore stuff like that when they were dating. She was rich and could afford things like that. She pushed the covers back to show off her night gown.
E: Gwen
He took a deep breath and let it back out. She looked so good. It had been awhile since he had made love to anyone.
G: Ethan i am here and i want to take care of your every need.
He cleared his throat and she kissed him.
G: I missed you so much
She told him that between kisses. He kissed her back. she got ontop of him. She knew right where to kiss him. He started to kiss her hungarily. He finally pushed her away
E: No
G: I can tell you liked it.
E: yea who wouldn't but i have a girlfriend
G: That doesn't matter you could have me
E: I did
G: Thats cold
She got up and got dressed and went to his office to work for him. Whitney and Theresa watched her leave. Ivy hadn't left so Theresa had an idea. She had Whitney wheel her around back. Theresa was a thing she used to climb when she used to sneak over when they were friends.
W: Theresa you can't climb that you can't even walk
T: i know and it will hurt but i need to know whats going on. Stay out of sight
Whitney watched Theresa pull herself up the little fence thing. She didn't use her legs she used her arms. She knew Theresa was stubborn this was crazy. Theresa pulled herself up there and got to the window and lightly tapped on it. She saw Ethan see her and run to the window
E: What are you doing are you crazy?
T: I needed too see you. I called and called and no answer are you ok
He pulled Theresa in and saw Whitney and waved to her
E: Why didn't you just come in the front door
T: Well the last time i did your mother yelled at me because i caused you to drink and Gwen was here what was she doing here
E: well she is working for me since i got alchol poising. It was stupid i know
T: Yea good thing is i think i can walk now
E: Well probbaly not since you just pulled yourself up
T: yea thats true
They visited for a couple more minutes and he sent her down the pipe. Before she went she asked him something
T: Are you getting rid of gwen tonight
E: yea i will once she gets here i will tell her to leave
T: I hope so
E: I will
She kissed him and left. She went home and waited until tomorrow for him to call. gwen came home late
E: So Theresa came to see me when i was sick
G: Listen your mom and I thought it would be good not to see her since she made you drink
E: No i decided to drink that was my choice not hers. She didn't hold and bottle and a gun to me and tell me to drink. How dare you hide that she came to see me. I am disgusted. Leave I am well enough to go to work
G: I think you should take it easy
E: i said get out
Ivy then came up the stairs
I: What is going on
E: How dare you hide the fact Theresa came to see me
I: Ethan she made you drink
E: No she didn't it was my choice you both digust me. Gwen leave mother get out of my sight
They both respected his wishes for now. Gwen would be back. He would realize it was her he wanted not Theresa

6.19.09, 12:25 PM
Theresa got up and ready and her brother got her downstairs and she waited for Ethan to call. The doorbell rang and she wheeled herself to the door it was her ex husband.
T: What are you doing here
N: I came to get my son its been a week
T: Right. Little Ethan your dad is here
He came down the stairs
LE: Daddy
N: Hey bud you ready
LE: yep
N: Give your mom and hug and kiss
He gave her a kiss and left. At noon she started to get worried
PI: Don't you have therapy today
T: Yea I thought Ethan was going to take me but no word
PI: Well i can go to work a little late
T: Ok we will see
At one he doorbell rang and it was Ethan
T: I thought you were going to call
E: I thought i would surprise you
T: Ok come in
Pilar came into the room
PI: good your here I need to go to work
She left
T: Can you carry me to the couch,
E: Of course i can
As soon as he sat down. She grabbed the back of his head and kissed him. They kissed for a while.
E: Wow what that a kiss
T: I missed you
E: me too
He leaned in and kissed her. They started getting hot and heavy.
T: i want you
E: no not yet. I want you to walk first
T: Well its almost time for therapy
They left. It got easier everytime. Theresa was recovering fast. Everyone was amazed. They left in good moods.
E: you want to go to lunch
T: Sure i would love to
They ate at a nice resturant and he took her home. There was no one there. They started kissing again.
T: Ethan this is toture. I don't need my legs to make love to you
E: I still want you to be better first and i want it to be perfect.
She agreed. Her brother got home and he left to go to the office. He stopped at hoem first. Gwens car was there. Ethan walked in.
G: Hey i thought you might like me to make you a nice dinner tonight
E: I am going to the office
G: Work is all done i did it for you. Please I have been working on this all day
E: Fine
He didn't want to be rude. Gwen and him ate dinner together and then she cleaned up
E: Its getting later i ate dinner with you shouldn't you be going
G: Why do you have plans
E: no but this isn't your house. You need to go back to your house
G: Yes but your mother said I am welcome anytime
E: ok well then i am going out
G: I will come with you
E: no i don't want you too
G: Why don't you stay with me.
E: and do what
G: I don't know watch a movie or make love
E: Gwen come on you know i am dating Theresa
G: god don't remind me
E: I think that is exactly where i am going
Ethan got his coat and left. He didn't go there too much temptation so he went to visit and friend and stayed there that night. He didn't want to go to his house and he didn't want to go to Theresa's.

6.25.09, 2:46 PM
Ethan went home the next morning he needed to change. His mom was there and Gwen too
I: Ethan you had me worried. Were you at Theresa's all night
E: No I went to a friends
I: oh ok
E: I need to go upstairs and changed.
Ethan had just put some pants on and was looking for a shirt when Gwen walked in.
G: Hey
E: Hey
G: I am sorry if I made you mad yesterday
E: Its fine
G: ok just making sure
Gwen went up to him threw his arms around him and kissed him. She rubbed her hands across his chest.
G: you have such a hot body
Gwen knew what to do to turn him on. He had been turned on so much the last week and hadn't been able to make love to Theresa it was getting harder to ignore Gwen. He pushed her toward the bed. She lied down and he got ontop of her and he had her top off and he was out of his pants. Then he stopped.
E: no I can't as much as i want to I can't
G: Ethan you can't do all this and just stop
E: i need to go.
he grabbed a shirt and went to Theresa's.
T: Hey hon whats up
E: you have therapy today right
T: yea
E: Well I am here to take you
T: Yea i was sure you would. You been working out your out of breath
E: yea
They talked and thankfully nothing happened but that was because everyone was home. They left and went to therapy and Theresa was doing fine. They said Monday she was be able to walk and not have a wheelchair. Ethan took her out to a good lunch and then he took her back home. No one was home.
E: Theresa
T: Yea
E: I want to make love to you
T: Finally thank god
E: Yea its time
They went upstairs to her room and he lied Theresa on the bed. They kissed for a few minutes but they didn't want to wait and they had enough four play for a couple of months. They made love and it was wonderful. They made love twice. Afterwards they lied in bed.
E: Theresa i need to tell you something thats eating me up and you are not going to like it
T: What do you need to tell me
E: Gwen and me kinda fooled around a little bit. I didn't want to but i was really turned on and frustrated
T: Did you make love to her
E: No i didn't
T: Ok well its forgotten. Why won't she leave your house
E: i don't know she is a friend of the family and since my mom invited her i can't kick her out
T: Well what are you going to do
E: Spend time here or the office or a friends
T: Do you think she will get the hint
E: i hope
T: Well maybe you can talk to your mom
E: i am going to have too
Ethan left and went to go talk to his mom. Gwen was gone thank god
E: Hey mom
I: Hey
E: Can we talk
I: Always whats up
E: Mom does Gwen have a home anymore
I: Of course
E: Why is she here twenty four seven she is pressuring me and she knows I am dating Theresa and it is getting annoying.
I: Well Honey it wouldn't be so hard if you don't have feelings for her
E: Gwen and i dated and she hurt me and yes there may be feelings left but I don't want to be with her. I love Theresa and want to be with her.
I: ok well I am not going to have Gwen stop coming here. I love Gwen like she was my own daughter.
E: Well then i guess i just won't be around the house anymore.
I: Don't be like that
E: Well mother you choose me or Gwen
The he grabbed some things and left

6.29.09, 4:21 PM
Ch. 12
Gwen came back over and saw Ivy looking stressed.
G: What is it
I: Ethan is mad at me. He said to choose you or him. Now i love you dear but right now I don't want you to come over for awhile.
Gwen lied her hand on Ivy's
G: I understand just call me when Ethan is over it
I: Thanks you honey
Gwen got her things and left. Ivy called Ethan
I: Honey please come home. I had a talk with Gwen and she won't come over anymore.
E: Thank you mother I will be coming home
I: Good i will see you soon
Ethan came home shortly after with Theresa she was in her wheelchair
I: hello (she looked at Theresa and her smile faded
T: hello Ivy
E: Mother don't be cruel I need to take her to her therapy one more day and she will be out of this thing
I: Well congrats
T: Thanks.
Ethan and Theresa went to therapy and they said she would walk tomorrow. Theresa was beaming.
E: Tomorrow i want to take you out to a nice dinner with dancing
T: That would be great
E: Lets go back to my place. I think there is no one there
T: Sounds good to me
They went back to his place and they were alone. He picked Theresa up and put her on the counter and they made love. Then they made love on the floor. Then they made love on the couch.
E: i am tired.
T: me too
They made something to eat and went to shower. They made love in the shower and then on the bed and fell asleep. Ivy went into Ethans room when she got home and saw that Theresa spent the night. She was not happy about it. They woke up in the morning and made breakfast and Ivy came down
I: good morning
E: Morining mother
T: Morning would you like breakfast
I: No I think i am going out
E: Mother please
Ivy left without a word
T: maybe i shouldn't be here
E: of course you should this is my house too. I can have anyone i want over
he dropped Theresa off so she could get ready and he came home to get dressed and his mother was home.
I: Well well you two were quite busy
E: Mother you know i have been dating Theresa. I love her so stop it. I don't know what you have agaist her
I: She almost killed you
E: It was my choice. If you can't except her then you know what i will get my own place. I do have enough money saved up
I: Fine but i don't like it
E: I don't care
Ethan got his things and left to pick up Theresa
E: Are you ready
T: Yes
They drove there talking a mile a minute. When they got there they checked to make sure things were fine. They took her wheelchair and Ethan and her got ready to go to dinner. She walked out by herself and never felt better. They had to go to his house he had to get something first and she had a surprise for him first

7.14.09, 4:53 PM
Ch. 13
They got to his house and Ethan got out of the car
T: Ethan i have to tell you something
E: Let me get me get something and you can tell me then
T: ok
Theresa walked around his garage and was looking on this big shelf he had when all of a sudden it was pushed on top of her and she lie there un consious. Ethan heard the sound and ran out. he saw and picked the shelf off of her while calling her name. She lied there and didn't move. Once he moved the shelf he knelt down beside her
E: Theresa baby please wake up
He got his cell phone called an ambulance and gave them the address. They got there in ten minutes
P: What happened
E: This shelf fell on her i was inside getting my jacket
P: We will take it from here
E: I am riding with you
They got in the ambulance and they tried to get Theresa to come to but it wasn't working. They got to the hospital in ten minutes
L: What happened
E: The shelf in my garage fell on her
L: She just got better. I know you didn't do this but we need to find out who did. Call your dad
Ethan called Sam and he said he was on his way
S: Ethan what happened
E: I went to get my coat heard a sound and Theresa was under the shelf
S: Anyone you know who would do this
Ethan thought for a minute
E: i have an idea
S: Who
E: My ex let me deal with this. If Theresa wakes up tell her i will be back with the person who did this
He left for Gwens house. gwen was taking her coat off and walked in
R: Hello honey
G: Mother
R: Geez you are really happy
G: Yea I am
R: So you took care of it
G: Yep
Just then doorbell rang and Gwen answered it
G: Ethan what a nice surprise
E: Well Theresa just had a shelf pushed on her
G: How terriable is she ok
E: no one knows why did you do it Gwen
G: Ethan i am shocked how dare you accuse me
R: My daugher didn't do it
G: Ethan i thought we were friends
E: Drop the act Gwen if you confess it will be easier. My dad is at the hospital confess and make it easier on yourself.
G: i wouldn't do anything like that. Why would you think something like that
E: Gwen you were in love with me the only way to get me is to get rid of theresa
G: Ethat jsut leave i did nothing
E: I will find a way to get you to confess and you will pay you better hope she makes it.
He slammed the door and left
R: Now what
G: i don't know
Ethan got back to the hospital in record time
S: Did Gwen do it
E: I have no doubt in my mind. I know she did but she won't confess
S: We will find a way
E: enough about that how is Theresa
S: Well she still hasn't come to but she is stable
Ethan went to a nurse
E: Can i see her
N: Go on in and talk to her she can hear you
he walked in
E: Wow the room looks nice baby. You look great too. You wanted to tell me something i should of heard what it was. it wouldn't of changed anything you would be still be in the same place. Theresa i need you and i love you please come around.
He sat down and grabbed her hand and squeezed it. She squeezed back and her eyes fluttered
E: Shh don't talk. Thank god your back
he kissed her on the lips over and over again then he pulled back. The nurse walked in.
N: Welcome back
Theresa smiled.
N: I wanted you to know Mr. Winthrop that Theresa was pregnant but she lost the baby in the fall.
She left the room
E: That is what you wanted to tell me
Theresa shook her head yes and tears fell out of her eyes
E: I would of been a father we would of been parents
He was silent for a minute.
E: We will be parents you and me
They held hands for a while and mourned the death of the baby

7.18.09, 2:18 PM
Theresa was confined to a wheelchair again because she just got better and she had to stay in the wheelchair for 2 months and do physical therapy again. She wasn't too happy about it.
E: Ok we can leave now
T: Why i am stuck in this stupid chair again
E: Honey its better than last time
T: I cannot believe this I just got out of here and I just lost my baby. The least that could happen is I could walk
E: You are not strong enough to
T: Well did you talk to Gwen
E: She wouldn't confess
T: Great just great. If I see her i will kill her
E: Honey don't let her upset you. I will get her to confess
T: Yea right. She loves you she won't confess
E: She will
Theresa didn't say a word. Ethan knew she was mad and dropped her off at home. Her son was coming over anyways to spend some time with her so she needed to spend some time with her. Ethan went over to Gwens to see if she would confess. Gwen answered the door
G: What are you here to question me some more
He didn't say anythng he hoped Theresa would forgive him but it was the only way to get her to confess. He went up to her and kissed her. She pulled away.
G: Ethan what are you doing
He picked her and took her toward upstairs
G: Ethan i knew you would come to your senses
He went upstairs and made love to her.
G: Ethan that was great. Lets do it again.
he got up and put his clothes back on.
E: Gwen i gave you what you wanted just confess please
G: No
E: Gwen come on please say it and i can get you off on an easier punishment
G: I didn't do anything
E: I know you did
G: Ethan i am not confessing to anything because I didn't do anything wrong.
E: Gwen do you know what i sacrificed to do this
G: Well thats your problem now get out
He left and went to Theresa's he had to tell her. He knocked and Pilar let him in. Her and Little Ethan were in the back
LE: Ethan
E: Hey sport what are you and mommy doing
T: We were playing catch with a ball. Kinda hard to do confined to chair
Ethan threw the ball with Little Ethan for a little bit and then Theresa's mom came and got Little Ethan so Theresa and Ethan could talk
T: So did you get Gwen to confess
E: No um about that. I tthought i could get Gwen to confess if i did something
T: Ethan what was it?
E: you are not going to like this but the reason I am telling you now is because I love you. I slept with her because I thought she would confess and she didn't. I am sorry
Theresa didn't say anything for awhile
E: Theresa I am so sorry honey
T: Me too. Why would you do something like this. What you think because I am confined to this wheelchair you can screw around on me
E: I didn't enjoy it. I am sorry
T: Me too. I don't think its a good idea to see each other anymore
E: Theresa don;t do this ok I did it because i thought she would confess
T: Ethan i don't want to be with you especially sleeping with Gwen. Go back to her
E: I don't want her
T: Well you did 5 minutes ago. Please leave
E: We can work this out
T: Leave i said now
Ethan didn't want to upset her farther. She had been in a bad mood since she lost the baby and gotten back from the hospital. She would come to her senses.

7.22.09, 3:57 PM
After left after all the commotion Pilar came out
P: What was that all about
T: Ethan cheated on me
P: Come on Ethan
T: He told me he had sex with Gwen to see if she would confess
P: Well did she
T: No I told him i didn't want to see him anymore
P: There is no way to work things out
T: No not at all
P: Well if thats the way you feel.
T: mama would you forgive him
P: If i really loved him it would take some time but i think i could
Theresa played with her son she was still mad at Ethan. Ethan was busy for the next week trying to get Theresa to forgive him and trying to get Gwen to confess but she wasn't budging. Either was Theresa it was hopeless. He went to see his dad
S: hey son
E: Hey dad i need some advice
S: About Theresa and Gwen
He told him what he did with Gwen and how Theresa reacted
E: It was a dumb part on my move but I told her
S: Yea it was dumb
E: How are we going to get Gwen to confess
S: maybe you should take Theresa out again since it didn't kill her the first time Gwen might strike again
E: Then i would be knowingly putting Theresa in danger
S: you don't know maybe she won't do it again. She might lay low for awhile
E: Any change to kill Theresa she might. The only problem is is how do i get Theresa to give me another chance.
S: Let her cool off for awhile work on gwen for awhile and you never know
Ethan went over to gwen's house. he knew this wasn't going to be pretty but he couldn't accuse her anymore this wouldn't work. He knocked and she opened and slammed the door in his face. Through the closed door.
E: I wanted to take you to dinner for accusing you
She opened the door
G: Really
E: Yea really
Ethan took her to a nice resturant.
G: Ethan thank you
E: I told Theresa she is mad at me and won't forgive me
G: Wow I am sorry i would be too
They ate and ordered drinks. Gwen and Ethan both started drinking alot. he needed one though because he had to play it cool and hang around Gwen awhile and act as a couple and she might confess. They took a limo there and they took it back. Good thing they were drunk. Gwen started kissing Ethan in the cab and made love to him in the cab. Then when they got home they made love three times. They woke up with a bad hangover
E: Where am i
G: With me silly
It took a little bit but hid idea came to him
E: Oh yea
She kissed him again. One thing about Gwen was she liked to make love a lot. So they did and then they went and ate breakfast and they made love again and later in the shower. He had to go to work. He needed a break anyways. He went to work and had a vistor
E: pilar what are you doing here
P Why haven't you come and seen Theresa she misses you
E: She told you that
P: No but i know she wonders why you haven't come and seen her
E: Listen i was letting her cool off i figured she wouldn't want to see me or talk to me
P: What you did was rotten but she loves you enough to forgive you. I think you underestimate her
E: I am working on getting Gwen to confess or catch her trying to kill her and I think it just might work.
P: Well you better hope so. Theresa misses you I am her mother i would know. Visit her
E: Thanks Pilar
He went back to work but had a hard time concentrating. He missed Theresa. he worked anyways.Theresa was going to Gwens house she called Whitney and she drover her over there while Little Ethan was napping
W: What are you going to say
T: I don't know but i will say something
She got to the house and into her wheelchair and to the door and knocked
G: Theresa
T: Gwen
G: Yea
T: I know your tried to kill me
G: Oh stop it. Did you know Ethan was here spending the night with me making love to me
T: He is a free man did you know i was pregnant with his baby before you tried to kill me
G: good thing i did or that baby would still be alive
T: ahh ha so you do admit it
G: Yea but you can't prove it
T: i will
G: Its your word agaist mine. Ethan will believe me
T: Ethan will come around don;t worry he will and he knows yoa re lying
G: Whatever
She slammed the door in Theresa's face and she smiled she knew it. She told Whitney and went home. She wondered how long Ethan would play this little game.

8.11.09, 2:27 PM
Ch. 16
Ethan thought of another way that he could catch Gwen in her lie but he had to call Whitney first
W: Ethan whats up
E: Tomorrow in the morning Theresa has therapy after that could you go and get her and take her shopping I have a surpirse for her. I am hoping we can get back together
W: i think she might like that
E: Thanks Whit I owe you
T: As long as you Theresa work things out that will be good enough for me
He grabbed a few things and went to Gwens house and knocked on the door
G: Hey how are you
E: Good
She kissed him on the mouth
G: I see you brought your things
E: I am going to put them in your room and i will be back.
He had a tape recorder with him. He didn't have to work but he was going to plant one leave come back spend the night and review it at work in the morning. Gwen made him dinner and he went to "the office."
R: Where is Ethan
G: At the office he said he shouldn't be back late
R: Good so how are things going between you two
G: I think we are almost back together
R: Good how it should be except that slut should of died when you pushed that shelf on her
Gwen stopped doing the dishes and looked at her mother
G: How did you..
R: Gwen I know you did it and you are my daughter we do things for love that no one else does. You did do it right
G: Yea I did at least I killed her unborn baby
R: What she was preganant
G: Yea that little slut got herself pregnant but i got news too. I am pregant too
R: You are
G: Yea so now i have something on her. I told him Ethan i was using birth control when i wasn;t
R: oh my gosh congratulations. I can't wait to be a grandmother
G: Yea and now I have a bond with Ethan and she doesn't
R: When are you going to tell him
G: Tomorrow i want to make him a nice dinner when he doesn't have to work
Ethan came home late
G: Honey how was work
E: Fine
G: Lets go upstairs
E: Alright i want to get a glass or water you want anything
G: I would like one too but let me get those
E: No let me
G: If you insist
He got the glasses out and poured two glasses of water and he got his tape recorder and went upstairs
G: Do you have to work tomorrow
E: Yea i do
G: I want to make you dinner tomorrow night will that be possible
E: Can we do it the next night
G: Sure any reason
E: no none i just have a lot of work but I didn't want to do it all tonight
Gwen tried to make love to him before bed but he said he was too tired and she went to sleep. She got up the next morning and got sick she didn't want Ethan to know yet so she was quiet. Ethan left early the next morning and found out that she admitted she did. he didn't listen far enough that she was pregnant as well. Tomorrow he would let his dad listen to it. he would let her be free for now because he needed to surprise Theresa. he had a lot to do before he went and picked her up. He called Whitney
E: Hey is she at home now
W: Yes she is
E: I wanted to make sure thanks for keeping her busy
W: No problem
He left and headed over there. He couldn;t wait to see her. Theresa was in the back yard with Nick. Little Ethan was inside
T: you never come by with my son whats up
N: I had to see you
T: Why Nick
N: I love you and I am sorry about everything
T: Nick I don;t
Nick didn;t let her say anything and kissed her. Ethan walked in the back with roses and saw Theresa and Nick kissing and Theresa opened her eyes she sensed he was there. She pushed Nick away
T: Ethan
Nick turned around and grinned at him

8.14.09, 2:24 PM
Ch. 17

E: Surprised huh
T: Ethan Its not what it looks like
E: Well I thought I saw you kissing him
T: Well i was but..
N: Theresa stop hiding us
T: Nick stop it
E: Well i can see I walked in at a bad time.
He walked out with the4 dozen roses in his hands
T: Ethan please
N: Now where were we
T: No Nick he came back he wants to work things out and now i do
N: Theresa can you focus on us. I want to be a family with you and our son
T: Nick i have a lot of respect for you because you are my sons father but I love Ethan and i want to be with him more than anything and he wants to too.
N: i want you Theresa I love you
T: I don't want you Nick we can never be together we were never right for each other
N: Yea we were we made a beautful baby we can make another for little Ethan
T: Nick no
he kissed her again she tried to pull away but he was so strong
N: baby i want you lets go upstairs
T: No Nick don't make me call my brothers. Go home
N: Fine whatever
He took his son and went home. Theresa took her cell out and called Ethan but it went to voicemail she left a message
T: Honey its me. I miss you so much. Nick kissed I didn't want to. I sent him home. Please call me and come and see me.
All she could do was wait for him to call. Ethan went to see his dad
E: Dad i got the proof Gwen confessed
S: How did you do it
E: I put a tape recorder in the house and acted like i was going to work i went and did a couple of things and she admitted it to her mom
Ethan played the tape for his dad
S: Well i guess i will be on my way to arrest her
E: Wait she is making me dinner tonight let me break it to her and then you can come and get her
S: Ethan this is a crime she needs to be locked up now
E: I know but take mom to lunch or something
S: Alright i can do that
When he left he heard the voicemail from Theresa. he wanted to go to her but he was so hurt by what he saw he couldn't. So he went home.
Theresa left three more voicemails. He must of been hurt it wasn't her fault. Its not like she liked it. Then Whti called
W: How are you and Ethan
T: Well Nick was there and Nick kissed and Ethan left
W: Stay home let me talk to him
Whit drive to Ethan's
E: Hey Whit come in whats up
W: Look Theresa didn't want to kiss Nick she wants to make up with you please go and talk to her
E: I guess I should
W: Yes she needs to see you
Ethan went over there and went out back she waws in her wheelchair
T: Ethan you came back
E: Hey i am sorry it just hurt so much to see you kissing him
T: I didn't like it Nick wanted me back but I told him no
Ethan went and hugged her. Then as he pulled away he kissed her.
T: Ethan thats what i liked was you kissing me
he kissed her soft and slow and faster and hungrily
E: its been a long time since i have kissed you and i have missed it.
he took her from her wheelchair and carried her upstairs. He had thrown rose petals on her floor and bed.
T: Ethan its beautiful
E: Like you
He lied her on the bed and they made love twice. As they lie there they talked
T: I love you
E: me too
T: I missed you and i am sorry now you know how i felt
E: Yea i do. I have some good news Gwen confessed so Sam is going to arrest her
T: Good she will be out of the way now
E: Yea that reminds me she is cooking me dinner and i want to tell her I know nothing will happen
T: you have to leave
E: Only for a couple of hours
T: Alright
E: I will be back promise
He got dressed and helped Theresa to her wheelchair and went to gwens
G: Hey sweetheart
E: Hello
G: Dinner is ready you ready to eat. I am I waited for you to eat
E: Yep
He took his jacket off and sat down. She made his favorite meatloaf
E: Oh my favorite
G: this is a special occasion
E: It is why. Well actually I have something to tell you buty you can go first
G: Ok Ethan your going to be a father I am pregnant!

9.28.09, 6:05 PM
Ethan didn't know what to say then he smiled
E: Very funny you know i found out
G: Found out what
E: Stop playing dumb with me
Gwen had a puzzled look on her face. Ethan then knew she didn't have a clue what he was talking about
E: When i left for work I left a tape recorder and you admitted to pushing that shelf on Theresa
G: Well you didn't listen far enough. I also said i was pregnant
E: How can i believe you
G: I went to the doctors
E: you are going to have to make another appointment tonight so i can go with you and you can prove it to me
G: What about dinner
E; I'm not hungry anymore
Gwen got on the phone and they said they could squeeze her in there real quick. They got there quickly because Ethan drove fast. The doctor was waiting and took them back.
Dr; How do you want to do this
E: A blood test would be fine
They got a nurse and took Gwen's blood and rushed it to the lab and Ethan and her waited in the waiting room about 20 minutes and then the dr came out
Dr: Here are the results
Ethan took the paper. Gwen was pregnant
E: Thanks doctor
He handed the dr the results and they left.
G: Now what I know you don't want the baby born behind bars
E: I am going to have to call in a favor with my dad
Ethan called his dad and told him the whole story. Gwen admitting the truth and the baby
S: Son we can't just let her go until the baby is born and there is no where special to put her. We can give her the proper care and a dr to deliver the baby but thats it. What i can do is have her put on house arrest for 9 months and an officer there to watch her.
E: Thats a good plan i will tell her
Ethan told her what her dad had said and she agreed to it. She still had time. He called his dad and he told Ethan he would send an officer over and told him to wait until one showed up then he could leave. An officer arrived 10 minutes after they got back.
officer: Hi i am Hank
E: Thanks for coming. Keep a close eye on her
G: Where are you going
E: Your in good hands now. I'll be back.
Ethan went to Theresa's to tell her what was going on. When he got there Theresa pulled him into a liplock that left them breathless and finally ended it.
T: i missed you
E: I can tell
T: So what happened
E: Well i have good news and bad news. Gwen did admit to pushing that shelf on you but shes pregnant
T: What?
E: Yea she must of gotten pregnant from when we fooled around
Theresa didn't say anything
E: Baby i'm sorry
T: Well you did sleep with her its your fault
E: Listen my dad put her on house arrest until she gives birth then my dad will book her
T: So she isn't in jail
E: She will be but I don't want my baby born behind bars. Then when she gives birth you and i will raise the baby
T: I wanted to be the one to give you your first child
E: I know you can give me the first one of whatever Gwen doesn't have
T: Well what if that doesn't happen the first time
E: Baby were having more than one child and i will always think of you giving me my first before what happened with what Gwen did
He kissed her and picked her up and carried her upstairs
E: Lets go and make a baby
Gwen was at home and Hank was watching her.
G: I need to get some pjs on
He walked out and gave her some privavcy. She slipped into a sexy nighty.
G: You can come in now
H: What are you doing
G: Lets get to know each other better
H: You are very beautiful but i can't do that agaist the rules
G: Yes you can. I can please you
H: Goodnight Gwen
He shut the door and left. Gwen smiled he would sleep with her and let her go and attempt another try on Theresa's life. Ethan would be hers. She smiled and went to bed.

10.6.09, 5:20 PM
Ch. 19
Gwen woke up and saw Hank sleeping on the chair next to her.
G: Wake up Hank
H: I'm awake
G: You don't mind if i go to my closet and change
He walked toward the door
G: Where are you going
H: I will give you a minute
She wasn't happy about that. She got dressed Ethan was coming to get her soon anyways. At Theresa's house they were both asleep
E: Good morning
T: Good morning
E: I got to get ready I will try not to be gone long
T: Where are you going
E: I have to take Gwen to her drs appointment
T: Alright
Ethan showered got ready got Theresa in her wheelchair and downstairs and he left. He called Hank and told him he was coming to get Gwen.
H: Hey Ethan is coming to get you be ready
G: i am ready
H: I don't know what it is about this guy but you really need to cool it why did you try to kill his girlfriend anyways
G: You don't understand i love him and he did love me until she came along you don't know our situation at all so butt out.
Hank didn't say anything and waited to Ethan to show
H: Hey is it ok if i run and grab some things.
E: Thats cool we won't be gone that long
H: Thanks
Hank took off and Ethan and Gwen did too. Gwen tried to make small talk but Ethan didn't want any of it. They got to the drs
Dr; Well Gwen everything looks great
G: Yea
Dr; Yep just take your vitmans and do some exersice and you will be fine
G: I am doing that thanks
Dr; Great well I will give another prescription and send you on your way
G: Thanks
They got the prescription and Ethan payed and they left.
G: I need to get this filled
E: I know we will do that
They took it to the pharmacy it was going to take half an hour
G: Hey i am kinda hungry
E: you can wait
G: Ethan there is something right down the road they baby is hungry and we have nothing else to do
E: Fine
Ethan drove to the little diner and they ate
G: Ethan this baby will be such a joy to have
E: you won't even know it you will be in jail
G: Shh not so loud. If you hadn't led me on this wouldn't of happened
E: No don't blame me this is your fault
G: it takes two to make love
E: Don't remind me
They ate and got the prescription and went home. Ethan called Hank to tell them they were on their way. When they got there Gwen wouldn't get out of the car. Ethan went to her side and opened the door
E: Come on
G: No i love you I am not going anywhere
E: Gwen this is silly I don't want to be with you just get out of my car.
G: I refuse
Ethan went into the house and talked to Hank and they both walked out together
H: Gwen come on just get out
G: Go away i am staying here with Ethan
H: This will be a lot easier if you get out
G: I won't
Hank got in the truck and pulled her out threw her over his shoulder and took her inside
G: Why did you do that
H: Gwen just leave the man alone. he doesn't want you
G: Why whats wrong with me
H: Nothing your beautiful but you did try to kill a girl he loves and that doesn't fly with most people
G: He would love me if he gave me a chance
H: i am sure he would but right now you need to cool it
G: Can we go for a walk
H: Sure
They walked around the block. At Theresa's house
T: Ethan your back
E: What a day
Ethan told Theresa all about it
T: That witch
E: Well I did kinda lead her on
T: Do not defend her
E: I'm not I am just saying I just feel sorry for the child he or she will never know their mother
T: its her fault she did this to me
E: I know and she deserves it but the baby doesn't
T: We will teach it right from wrong it will be better off growing up with us
E: your right and you are such a good mother to Little Ethan
T: Yea i know how to raise my children
E: yes you do. I hate to leave but i need to go to the office and make a few calls
T: Ok take your time
E: I don't know if i am coming back tonight we will see
T: ok take your time
E: You are so good to me
He kissed her and he left. After Hank and Gwen walked she took a shower. When she got out she felt better
G: I feel much better
H: I am glad that you do.
G: Thanks for walking with me
H : I didn't mind it, it was nice to talk to someone
G: Yea it is
They stared at each other and Hank kissed her. He pulled away quickly i am sorry
G: no it was alright
H: That should not have happened. I don't know if i can be around you anymore
G: What are you talking about
H: I just kissed you that is agaist the rules
G: No one has to know
H: I will
G: Hank please don't leave
H: Alright but no more
G: Hank I liked it and no one will find out
H: If they do i could lose my job
G: They won't
he kissed her again and after they were done he didn't say he was sorry

10.9.09, 2:50 PM
Ch. 20
When Gwen work up Hank was asleep on the chair. She got dressed while he was in there he was still asleep. When she was dressed she went over and kissed him. he woke up
H: hey
G: Hey is my mom here
H: I didn't see her
G: She hasn't been here for two days i am going call her cell
Hank went and grabbed a shower while Gwen called her mom's cell phone no answer. She was going to try Julians. She might be there. They dated on and off.
G: Hey julian its Gwen is my mother there
J: No she hasn't been here in a couple of days
G: Hmm thats weird ok
J: Why whats going on
G: I haven't seen her in two days
J: I am calling the police. I will call you the minute i find something out.
G: Good idea. Thanks
Hank came in at that moment and knew something was wrong
H: Gwen what is it
G: my mother has been missing for two days. I thought she was with Juilan
H: I am sure she is fine.
Hank called Sam and told him what was going on. Julian had called and they were looking. Hank told him to call him when he knew something
H: Sam is looking Gwen
G: Ok thanks
Gwen got up and paced the room. An hour later there was a knock at the door
G: maybe its my mom
She rushed down the stairs with Hank behind her it was Sam
S: Ok Gwen sit down
G: Why
S: just do it
She sat
S: I called Ethan i want to wait until he gets here
G: Why
S: just trust me
They found rebecca's body and he wanted Ethan here because he knew Gwen would want ethan to comfort her. Ethan arrived 10 minutes later. He already knew of course.
S: Ok Gwen I hate to do this to you with everything but we found your mothers body near the ocean
G: oh my god. Who did this
S: We are trying to find that out
Once she started to cry it wasn't Ethan she went to but Hank. he put her arms around her.
H: its ok Gwen
E: Gwen i am sorry
G: (Sobbing) Why.. is... he.. here
E: Shh calm down think about the baby (he touched her hair)
G: Sobbing) Don't touch.. me... why did.. you.. bring him.. here.. sam?
S: i thought you might want him to comfort you not Hank. I think we can go son. gwen I am sorry for your loss we will try to find out who did this and i will let you know
G: Thanks
E: Gwen are you sure you don't need me here
G: I got Hank i will be fine
He stood there. He was glad that Gwen had moved on but he felt a little empty because she didn't need him. It flattered him when she wanted him so badly before. It kind of hurt his feelings.
S: Son are you ok
E: Yea i am
They left. Ethan and sam both had to work
G: What am i going to do without my mother
H: We will think of something. At least you can stay here since the house is payed off
G: Yea i guess just a lot of memories
Hank held Gwen while she cried then Hank told her she should sleep.
G: I can't sleep stay here with me
H: I will I can't go anywhere
G: Don't sit in the chair lie with me
H: No i don't..
G: Please
Her eyes pleaded him. He did as he was told. he lied with her and Gwen told him stories of her mother. Hank looked at her and she kissed him. he kissed her back. he pulled away.
H: We will find out who did this to your mother
G: hank why are you afraid to get close to me? I am not a bad person. Do you think i would try and kill you or someone I love? Do you think i killed my mother?
H: no of course not. With my job i am not allowed to get involved with the person i am gaurding. What happened when you go to jail and we fall in love?
G: i won't be in there forever and you can come and see me. People do it all the time
H: gwen i want to sleep with the person i am with. make love to the person i am with. It will be a long time before you are out of jail. I am sorry gwen
G: Hank please i am sorry for what i did
H: I see that now Gwen but that doesn't make up for what you did
he kissed her on the mouth with passion and ended it and sat on the chair. Neither said a word. They both knew they were falling in love.
At work ethan couldn't concentrate all he heard was Gwen telling him she didn't need him. He knew he was over her but he wondered why it haunted him.

11.11.09, 2:49 PM
Ethan couldn't concentrate so he called his dad
S: Hey how are you
E: I don't know
S: Whats wrong
E: Well you know how Gwen told me it was over i can't stop thinking about it. It has been haunting me
S: Son it was probably flattering and now its not. You and Gwen have been through a lot.
E: Yea maybe that is it
Ethan hung up the phone and did some more work. He decided to go see Gwen he didn't know if she would be happy to see him or not but he wanted to see her
Gwen was up and ready drinking a bottle of water.
G: Hank
H: Yea
G: Can you come here
Hank appeared quickly
H: Is it the baby
G: No I feel fine. We need to talk.
H: Ok
G: Hank I need to know what has been bothering you. I don't know if its an ex or something but i want you Hank
H: Gwen I want you too but its not worth losing my job over it
G: You won't we can keep it a secret.
gwen walked toward Hank and kissed him. Ethan got there about that time and barged in
E: Get your hands off of her and pulled her away. Gwen are you ok
G: Ethan what the h*** are you doing?
E: Saving you. I will fire him
G: Ethan i kissed him i wanted too. So stop
H: I knew this would happen
G: Ethan what are you doing here anyways
E: I came to see how you and the baby were
G: We are fine and don't you dare say a word about Hank. I love him and i am trying to get him to see that he does as well. You made it clear that you don't want to be with me so go and see Theresa and stay out of my life. If i really need you I would call but i won't
She slammed the door in his face. Ethan went to Theresa's
T: Hi Honey. (She gave him a big kiss)
She could tell that he wasn't that into it
T: Are you ok
E: Yea sorry i just have a lot on my mind
T: Ok
E: I would rather not say anything
They ended up eating dinner and and watching a movie
G: Hank I am sorry about earlier
H: Now i will probably lose my job
G: No you won't. I will make sure of it but its not a worry Ethan will keep his word
H: I hope so i really do
G: We got bigger problems i want to know why you won't return the feelings that i have for you
H: Well since Ethan knows then i might as well do something i should of a long time ago
Hank walked over to Gwen and kissed her with a lot of passion and hunger and then pulled away
H: There does that prove my feelings
G: Yes it does.
They spend the night stealing kisses, having dinner and watching a movie together.

12.10.09, 11:35 AM
Ch. 22
Gwen was in the kitchen drinking water when there was a knock at the door. Hank was showering so she went to answer it. There stood her mother. She gasped
G: Mother I thought you were dead
R: i am so glad Hank didn't answer
G: Why come in and tell me whats going on
R: Shh not so loud still pretend like I am dead
G: Why
R: I am going to kill Theresa for you. Since you can't do it
G: Mother she can have Ethan I love Hank. I don't want her dead
R: Gwen you are crazy. You will want Ethan once I get rid of her he will come crawling back.
G: mom I am not kidding
R: Either am i. I am going to go the shower is off
G: Mother don't do this
She just turned and walked out the door. Hank appeared
H: Babe are you ok is it the baby
G: No I am fine. So is the baby
Rebecca went over to the Lopez Fitzgeralds house. She knew this time of year Theresa would be out in the garage. Even though she was in a wheelchair she would still be out there. Rebecca had known the family for years. She went over there so she wouldn't be seen she knew how to do it.
R: Hello Theresa
T: Why Rebecca your alive
R: Yes I am
T: Does gwen know
R: No she doesn't
T: Well you might want to see her. I know she would be happy to see you
R: Well I know but I want her to think of me as gone
T: Ok well what do I owe u the pleasure of
R: Theresa Theresa Theresa. I am so sorry we could of never been friends
T: Rebecca you hate me
R: I used to
T: ok well thats great thanks for that i guess
R: Here lets put you right over here
She wheeled Theresa in the perfect spot
R: Um I will be back
T: Ok
Rebecca went behind where she was and pushed the shelf down on her and she ran out the door. Luckily someone was at home and could get her rushed to the hospital. They called Ethan he came down. Luis and Pilar were there.
E: What happened
L: Not really sure she was out in the garage and the shelf was pushed on her again
E: Gwen?
L: Ethan how could she? She is under house arrest
E: I am going to go there
He went to Gwen's house. He thought Hank might of been a coverup. Ethan barged in
E: Gwen
G: Ethan what now do you have to shout
H: Ethan why are you here
E: Gwen what were you doing
G: Taking a nap
E: sure
H: What is all this about. Gwen was napping I was with her. She can't leave the house you know that there would be cops everywhere. If I don't notify that I am going with her somewhere they would be here in a second. You know this Ethan. You did this to her
E: Your right I just don't get it
H: What happened
E: Theresa had a shelf pushed on her
G: Oh and you think I did it. Ethan I told you I didn't want you. I want hank
E: I know I just want to know what is going on
G: Well Ethan you need to think before you blame people now please leave. The only contact I want with you is wit the baby
Ethan repected that and left
E: She didn't do it. She could have or her dector would of been set off.
P: Who did this
E: I have no clue Pilar. Maybe she will remember something
Dr: You guys might want to say your goodbyes i don't think she will be around too much longer
E: What
Dr; I am sorry it just doesn't look good.
They all looked at each other wondering who should go first. They had to get everyone down there to say their goodbyes. It didn't look good.

12.19.09, 5:25 AM
Ethan let Pilar and Luis go first he wanted to make some calls.
P: Hey sweetheart its me and Luis. The others are coming down
L: Hey sis we will find who did this to you. If its the last thing I do
P: I love you Thersita. I will miss you and your zest for life. You kept this family going after your papa dissapeared. My baby girl.
L: Theresa you taught me how to love. I loved Sheridan with all my heart and you taught me how to do that. With Marty and everything I wish she were here today but with her out of town its going to break her heart so you can't die on us ok sis. You can't do this
P: baby please wake up. Ethan is here and he wants you to wake up too. Please baby
Pilar started to cry and Luis led her out it was all they could do. Ethan hugged Pilar in the waiting
L: Its your turn Ethan
E: Thanks man. I made some calls so you don't have too. Everyone is coming
Ethan walked into the room and closed the door
E: Hey beautiful! I wish it was me there instead of you. I know things have been rough with us. I do love you though. I know Gwen didn't do this to you either. Finally now that she has given up it is finally right between us and I wish I knew who did this to you. Gosh i so wish you would wake up. I was going to ask you to marry me. I even have a ring. I want you to wear this though because in my heart we will always be married.
he slipped the ring on her finger and she twitched and opened her eyes
E: Theresa your alive
He went to go call he family in
T: Wait she whsipered
E: What is it love
T: You want to marry me
E: Yes I do and we can as soon as your bette
She smiled at him
T: I know who did this to me
E: Who
T: Rebecca
E: Theresa how can she, she is dead
T: No she isn't
Just then Pilar and Luis came in
L: Ethan who... Theresa your alive
P: My baby you are
T: Ethan and I have decided to get married
E: Once she is better
Luis and Pilar agreed and Luis called everyone to let them know.
T: I know who did this to me Rebecca
L: That impossible she is dead
T: No she is I am telling the truth
P: Theresa you hit your head
Just then Gwen and hank walked through the door
G: Theresa is right my mother is alive
E: What
H: She wanted to do the right thing and tell everyone she is alive
G: I don't know where she went or anything but she is alive.
T: See and thanks Gwen
G: No problem I really hope you and Ethan are happy together
T: Thanks and the same for you and hank and I hope you don't have to go to jail I am going to drop charges and I hope Ethan will help you out
E: I can agree to that
Ethan and Luis went to look for Rebecca and Hank and Gwen went home. She had to go to court in a couple of days. She really hoped she didn't have to go to jail.

1.7.10, 10:28 AM
Ch. 24
Ethan and Luis set out to look for Rebecca with no luck. They searched for hours until almost dark. They figured they would set out in the morning again. Ethan wanted to see Theresa so he went to the hospital and Luis went home
T: No luck
E: no seems like I will have to call gwen in the morning to see if maybe she would have a clue.
T: That might be your best bet
E: So it seems we have a wedding to plan
Just then his cell phone rang.
E: Hello
H: Ethan its Hank. I am taking Gwen to the hospital. She is having bad cramps.
E: What?
H: I don't know. It just came on all of a sudden
He could hear Gwen screaming in pain.
E: How close are you
H: Ten minutes away
E: I will meet you in front
he hung up
T: Whats going on
E: Seems something is wrong with the baby. Gwen is in a lot of pain. i got to go to the front in about ten minutes
T: I think you should I am fine
E: i know you are.
Ten minutes later Gwen was rushed in Ethan was waiting. They got her in a room and got the pain to stop and checked the baby which was still fine but still needed to do some tests.
G: Ethan go back to Theresa hank is here with me
E: This is my child too. I want to make sure the baby is ok
H: i need to make some calls i need to step out. Let him stay.
He kissed her and left. gwen looked at the wall
E: So how you feeling now
G: Pretty good i swear I am
E: I never said you were lying
G: i know Ethan but you always think I am doing something wrong
E: look I am sorry we are going to try to not let you go to jail. Theresa and I both
G: Well thanks. All I want to do is be with Hank and care for our baby
E: I know we can work out some kind of arrangement. Look do you know where your mother could be at all? Luis and I searched forever
G: Ethan your kidding me right? I am in here fighting for our child and all you care about is putting my mother behind bars?
E: ok it was wrong of me to ask
G: Your right it is
Then the dr came in
G: So whats wrong with my baby
Dr; Gwen i think your farther along then we thought
G: What are you telling me
Dr; That it was fake labor.
G: Are you kidding me
E: how far along is she
Dr: I say she has about 2-3 weeks before that baby is born. I don't want her getting upset or anything
G: I have court I have to go to really soon
Dr: Can you go and not get upset
G: I could do it
Dr: Thats all I ask. I don't i want to have to do an emergency c section
E: We will make sure she is calm
Dr: ok
The dr left.
E: Well we are going to be having a baby sooner rather than later
G: yea its fine with me. When Hank gets back I will have him sign some release forms
Ethan left and went back to Theresa
T: hey find anything out
E: no except that we are going to have the baby in about 2-3 weeks the dr got the due date wrong
T: Wow thats great and i got some news I can go home as well.
E: Thats great. Luis and I need to search again
T: mama can come and get me
E: i will come and see you later tonight
T: Sounds good
He kissed her and left
L: I think i got a lead
E: yea
L: Yea i got a call from a good source so i think its a good one
They found Rebecca hiding out and called the cops and got her arrested. Luis went to see Sheridan and Ethan went to Theresa's.
E: We found her
T: you did
E: Yea she is arrested and taken in for questioning.
T; good
Just then Little Ethan came in and they talked and then Pilar came in to take him
E: When did he get here
T: Not that long ago. He is going to be here for awhile now that i am home
Ethan sat next to her on the bed
E: How you feeling?
T: good now that i am home and you are here
He kissed her.
T: Well what was that all about
E: I missed you and you are home
She kissed him then.
E: is it ok?
T: Yes but not if you don't
E: He closed the door and locked it
T: Its been too long
E: I agree things should start going right now.
T: I agree. Just kiss me
he kissed her and they made love for hours. They were starting over. All new and fresh that was forever

1.8.10, 11:14 AM
The next morning Ethan went to the jail to visit Rebecca
R: Ethan what the heck do you think putting me in here?
E: hmm let me see you pushed a shelf on Theresa
R: She deserved it
E: What for?
R: Stealing you from my daughter
E: Gwen doesn't even want me anymore. You talked to her you should know
R: Did you forget that you two are having a baby together?
E: Yes she wants to be with hank and Theresa and I have decided we are going to try and not let her go to jail so she can raise our baby. You on the other hand won't be getting out of jail
Just then Hank and gwen walked in
E: Gwen what are you doing here
G: I wanted to make sure my mother was getting the right punishment
R: Gwen what are you talking about
G: I want to be with Hank. Not Ethan and I feel bad for Theresa i am sorry with what i did to her. I can see they belong together like I belong with Hank.
R: Gwen that baby has made you different.
G: No mom I grew up.
E: She will be in here unless you want to testify for her
G: Let her rot
Gwen, Hank, and Ethan walked to the front to leave
E: How are you feeling
G: Good.
E: Good I will not let you go to jail. You have changed and I am sure the judge will see the same
She gave Ethan a hug
G: Thank you
E: So you still don't know what were having
G: not yet. So how is Theresa?
E: Well the good thing is she won't have to be in a wheelchair once she gets out of bed
G: I am so glad.
Gwen and Hank went home and Ethan went to see Theresa
T: I hope that gwen doesn't have to go to jail do you think she has a chance
E: I don't know I need to go to the office so that i can figure it out
T: Alright see you later
He gave her a kiss and went to the office. Ethan looked over papers he had. Gwen's chances didn't look good. It also depended on the judge. The day finally arrived. Ethan met Gwen and hank at the door
E: Are you ready?
G: Yea i am
E: Are you ok
G: My back hurts bad today but lets just get this done
Ethan represented gwen and after about two hours the judge took in all that they had said and decided she had changed and let her go.
G: Ethan thank you so much
E You are welcome
G: I think its time though
E: Are you sure
G: Yes i am
They went to the hospital and indeed it was time. Two hours later Gwen had a baby girl. hank gave then a little time by themselves he didn't have to watch Gwen anymore. He was going to tell her goodbye after.
E: What should we name her
G: What do u think
E: I like Ashley
G: That sounds good.
E: She is beautiful like her mother
E: Thanks Ethan
Ethan stayed for a half an hour and left. The Hank came in
G: There you are. You didn't have to leave
H: Well I guess I don't have to watch you anymore
G: Not by law. I have that big house to myself. Hank lets get married and raise the baby together.
H: Gwen I can't
G: What do you mean you can't? You can do whatever you want too
H: Gwen my assignment is over with you
G: Hank I told you that I loved you and I meant it. Do you not love me anymore?
H: Yes I do
G: So whats the problem
H: Nothing I guess.
G: Come on hank move in with me and lets get married later on and have our own family
H: I could deal with that. Its just everything is going to be different
G: It will be but everything will be fine.
Ethan was at Theresa's
T: How is gwen and the baby
E: Fine
T: good
E: I have a surprise for you
T: Whats that
E: I am going to get us a house and we can get married next month
They ended up getting married having 4 kids. Gwen and ethan traded the baby off and on. Hank and gwen got married and had 2 kids. Rebecca stayed in jail.