View Full Version : Oh, I just can't resist these guys

7.19.07, 5:27 PM
Taxi Violence.


Check it out. The first few minutes is just some talk (in Afrikaans, if you were wondering:pinkyz: ) , but about halfway there's a sweet sweet acoustic song (in English, if you were wondering).

7.19.07, 7:48 PM
Ooh, I like them. And I even understood a few things they said during the interview part. The band name... Taxi Violence? I checked Amazon to see if there was anything available, but there's nothing under that name.

7.20.07, 3:23 PM
Your fluency in Afrikaans always amazes me, Annie. :surprisedq:
Check it out, they even deliver internationally. Never knew.
The South African version of Amazon:
http://www.kalahari.net/mus/vsearch....=taxi+violence (http://www.kalahari.net/mus/vsearch.asp?toolbar=none&shop=mus&lang=ENG&template=kalasearch.aspx&prodType=%27MUS%27&originCountry=&pageNumber=1&pageSize=25&SearchText2=&Combo=keyword&SearchText=taxi+violence)

They also have a Myspace site:
http://myspace.com/taxiviolence (http://myspace.com/taxiviolence)
and a website:
http://www.taxiviolence.com/ (http://www.taxiviolence.com/)
They're one of my favourite bands at the moment.