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3.13.09, 12:04 PM
:o Hi, the board has gone pretty quiet lately. Maybe the weather is getting nicer south and you guys are outside enjoying the sunshine!! Here in BC it is clear and cold -4c overnight. We are supposed to warm up to about 5 days of rain, yuck.

So what have you all been up to? I haven't been doing much. Babysitting the grandkids mostly. They were all over last night because it was Rick's birthday yesterday so they all came over to wish him a happy birthday. We are having a birthday supper on Sunday night. I'm making chicken cordon bleu, his fav. It is a pain to make but it sure is yummy.

So anybody done any spring planting or is it too early still? I know it is here, we got snow just last week. What do you do you plant for spring? I mainly do big pots cuz we live in a townhouse with fixed gardens. It looks pretty when I'm finished mixed in with the annuals.

Well, ladies, check in and say hi...

Take care, Penny

3.15.09, 8:25 PM
Hey Penny,
We got snow March 1st, in the evening. It was so pretty. The kids and grandkids power went out so they all came here. On Mon. the grands made a snowman. Doug and me had to go to the VA. from his doctors app. Been going back and forth since Nov.
Last week we had temps of 84, broke a record, now we are in the 40s. Still too early to plant, I did get all the weeds out of the beds when it was warm last week. I bought 2 bags Black Kow (manure dirt or something like that)
Good to see you back. I'll check back later.

3.16.09, 6:06 PM
*shaking the snow off* Gosh but the weather has been strange here. We have had several snow storms, a big wind/thunder/hail storm, and LOTS of rain. Yesterday we woke up to an inch of snow covering everything, but it was all gone before noon. So far no power outages, although it was blinking threatfully yesterday.

Oh my gosh, did I ever get my 'shoping fix'. We just ordered new living room furniture. It took us several days to decide on style and just the right fabric etc. DH really got into the spirit too. Now we have to wait about 2 months for it to all arive though. Kind of like waiting to unwrap Christmas presents. LOL!

I envy you guys green thumbs. I am just no good with plants. Maybe when the weather settles down I will give it another try. Sure glad there isn't an organization to prevent cruelty to plants. LOL!

You guys stay warm and dry!

3.17.09, 11:42 PM
Speaking of gardens, I have a my space page and theres this cyper garden thing. I have plants, animals, and decorations. You have to earn the money to buy these things. You earn the money by making comments on other gardens. Some people have some really good talent for their design. Its a neat game and you don't get all dirty and sweaty, lol.

Good to see you all checking in. Have a great week.

3.18.09, 11:48 AM
Sounds like a lot of fun, especially the "no dirt and sweat" part... lol... I'm not on myspace, only facebook. What do you think about myspace? Facebook is fun, I don't have a huge amount of "friends", mostly family and close friends. I did get contacted by the absolute love of my life when I was in high school. I couldn't believe it. I am 53 so it has been an awfully long time since I was in high school, but man I thought the world of him. Unfortunately when I graduated we moved to another country and we absolutely lost touch. It was pretty cool to "talk" to him over facebook.

Well, better run. Take care,Penny

3.23.09, 6:31 PM
Hi guys! Now a gardan without getting tired or dirty. How cool is that. LOL!

With daylight savings on again and the days getting longer it really is feeling like spring is really here again. I am so ready for a change.

Not much going on here. Really boaring in fact. Our favorite park is still closed. With the economy in the dump there are a lot of parks that are not going to be opened at all this year. Sure hope my park isn't one of them.

Anything exciting going on with you guys?

4.7.09, 3:00 PM
Well Hello there!
good to know there are some of you still out there!
It's been hectic here and I've been back in England with DD who had a throat operation.
We are starting a garden from scratch (literally - in a field!) so poor HD has been double digging the raised beds for our veg! While I was away, however, he bought himself a mechanical plough/rotovator thingy! It does a good job but my what a mess! I have a lot of seed trays and pots on the go indoors and outside the onions, beans and early potatoes are well away. We planted some fruit bushes and trees which are just starting to leaf up. The hens (6) have layed right through the winter - we even had 7 one day! We give the eggs to our neighbours and friends in the village. The calves are now huge and eating grass outside all day! It was quite a shock going back to England after being here for a while now. There it is sooo busy - traffic queues everywhere. Here we barely see an other car all day!
A bit of news from middle son - we are going to have our first grandchild, a boy, in August! Blimey!
Bon Paque! (Happy Easter) everyone!
Liz x

4.7.09, 5:44 PM
Oh its so hard to start a garden from the beginning. All those weeds. After a few years, you don't have as many, some, but not too many. Good luck with that. I just love the quite of the country side, but we have some noisy neighbors kind up the road, with their loud music. My son says they are crack heads.

Hope you daughter is better and on the road to recovery.

We had a calf born last Saturday, I saw something blueish. I thought the cow had a blue rope tied around her legs and my dh laughed at me. Said she was giving birth. I hadn't ever seen one actually GIVING birth. O, its not our cows actually they are in the pasture next to us. My grandson call them HIS.

Congrats on the new baby! You are going to love that. Are they close by you? Spoil away!!!

Does anyone know how to post pix here? I go to another board where you can post pix and its a lot of fun seeing who you are talking too. I used to know but I've forgotten.

Have a great day everyone!!

4.13.09, 4:12 AM
thanks for your good wishes CJ - dh is doing fine although her neck is still swollen.
I am enjoying the quiet life here. I get up just after dawn and walk the dog and let the animals out with just the birds to listen too. Because dh has to work back in England I am here quite a lot on my own (although I have had a lot of visitors staying since xmas) so in the evenings I get a fire lit and watch House or a movie!
It's quite amazing to witness a birth isn't it - I remember seeing a calf born for the first time - I had no idea how big it would be - I could see something pulsing (in a blueish bag!) and thought it was its heart- it was actually its eye blinking!! I've learned!
Today I am going off to collect a beehive that I've bought via the internet - hope its in good condition!
Our grandchild will live in England - they are living in our old house there. D-i-L has US citizenship so who knows where they will end up!
There's a lot of clucking going on outside - guess one of the hens is laying a square egg again!
Take care
Liz x

4.13.09, 9:52 PM
Birth is amazing. I was very fortunate to have a very nice dil to ask me if I would like to be in the room when my grandson was born nearly 5 yrs ago. His birthday is the 24th. It was amazing to witness his birth. And yes he is spoiled, lol...

I succeded in adding a pix of our BT in my profile. Check it out sometime. I'll have to add some more soon or I'll forget how I did it.

I'll be coming back here more often since the message boards at aol are gone. Hope to "see" you and others here too.

Just waiting for the real spring to get here.