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3.9.09, 1:58 PM
How is everyone? I haven't been spending much time on the computer ,we are having the most beautiful spring weather. Thursday we already had 85 degrees. The birds are singing and everything is turning green. I even have some flowers blooming. I had Christopher over yesterday and we played soccer and baseball. spring is here. I hope it stays!Lol We celebrated Nick' s 17th Birthday this week and on the 21of march Christopher will turn 6. time flies when you are having fun! Lol
I hope you are all doing ok. Have a great day!

3.9.09, 10:50 PM
We've enjoyed some spring like weather here too...got up in the 70's over the weekend, unfortunately there were also Tornadoes that damaged some homes.
Sounds like Fun with Birthdays coming up! I always enjoy having a yummy Chocolate Birthday cake :)

3.10.09, 10:26 AM
Weather is nice here too..but they are predicting rain tomorrow..and cooler temps again. It's been in the 70's and 80's. Coffenut, hope Nick had a nice 17th birthday..and your grandson will be 6 soon..oh wow!

3.12.09, 12:43 PM
Glad everyone is experiencing spring! We aren't as of yet we are still having cold weather! 25 today is all BRRR !!! And snow too! Hopefully it will warm up by the end of the week. March is starting out like a lion for us! Whew! Take care!:winkq:

3.14.09, 1:16 PM
Well..we did have nice weather..till a few days ago..getting rain and cold..brrr. But at least it's washing away the yellow pine pollen..which was everywhere!!

3.14.09, 1:19 PM
Well it's changed here sort of. I mean it's getting warmer. But for how long I am not sure. Dragsy sounds like your getting the rotten weather we had earlier in the week. Hang in there. It will get nice again! Take care!:winkq: