View Full Version : JCVD - Jean Claude Van Damme

3.8.09, 8:28 PM
I never expected to say that I liked a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, but this was really good. Surprisingly good. It's not an action movie, as you'd expect. It is a movie where JCVD plays "himself" - JCVD is a washed up actor who is losing a custody battle for his daughter and he is broke so he decides to go to Brussels (where he is still a national hero).

He ends up in a hostage situation during a post office robbery but the police think he is the robber. The events are then told from several different angles to give you a complete picture of what has actually happened.

JCVD is really good in this - I didn't realize he could actually act! I would recommend this to everyone (and if you hate it, at least it is short - only 90 minutes or so!!) ;)