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7.17.07, 3:10 AM
How Do I Breathe Part 2 (Sheridan’s POV)

Sheridan sat alone in her cottage thinking how her life went from being happy, safe, and content with the man she loved to alone and miserable.

Nothing seemed to matter anymore, everything that meant anything was gone from her life and it was ALL her fault.

She remembered all the good times with Luis.

How happy they once were.

They’ve been through a lot together. Death, imposters, kidnappings, you name it they went through it.

The man who she once had his heart no longer belonged to her. It belonged to her niece.

Fancy owned his heart now.

As far as she knew Luis wanted nothing more to do with her. Of course she didn’t blame him; after all she hurt him over and over.

Now he was the one hurting her.

He was like the aired she breathed.

How was she supposed to breathe without him?

She finally let sleep take over. But that didn’t last long because the person banging on her door woke her up.

“Am coming” Sheridan yelled.

When she opened the door she was shocked to see who was standing on the other end.

“What are you doing here Luis?”

“About wh-“

“I forgive you” Luis said cutting her off.