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3.8.09, 7:12 PM
Defiance stars Daniel Craig and Liev Schrieber as two of the 3 Bielski brothers who hid from the Germans in the woods of Poland and Belorussia during WWII. They end up banding with a number of other Polish Jews who are also hiding out and together they struggle to survive. (It's based on a true story.)

I thought this movie was just ok. It doesn't really go anywhere you haven't seen before in film - but it was at least a unique angle to take to approach a WWII film. Overall grade: B-

8.16.09, 6:32 AM
Of all the movies I've seen, about the Jewish people and what happened to them at the hands of Hitler and the Germans, this was the most inspiring.
I'm sure I wouldn't have been as moved by this film, had it not been based on a true story.