View Full Version : Slum Dog Millionaire

3.6.09, 11:05 PM
Finally went to see it..It's AWESOME!!! Two thumbs up!!!

3.7.09, 8:57 AM
I agree! I'm glad you got to see it. I recommended to all my family. My oldest daughter had recommended it to me, and I got the hubby to go along with me...he wasnt too sure at 1st, but then he ended up really enjoying it too.
There are some intense scenes in it, but it has such an uplifting ending that makes you want to cheer for the young man on the show. And the scenes in Mumbai are an eye-opener for what life is like in other parts of the world. And the Bollywood dance sequence at the end was great fun to watch. All in all, I found it heartwarming and inspiring(I love stories about "True love").

3.7.09, 9:12 AM
Yeah..some of it was intense..and sad to see what life is like for those children over there. I love true love stories too...and the dance sequence was neat! Loved all the music. I already downloaded some of the songs to my iPod..and listen to it sometimes while on the computer. I was loving the music before I even saw the movie. I went by myself because my husband didn't seemed too enthused about seeing it...and I had the day off and just need to "escape" to the movies for the day. It's coming out on DVD before too long...I'll rent it for hubby to see and probably watch again.

3.8.09, 9:10 AM
Is it any wonder it won so many oscars? I have yet to see it. I do hope to see it here soon during my two week break, but right now the only thing I have time for is the computer, work and treatments. So glad all of you enjoyed it!:winkq:

3.9.09, 12:50 PM
Julie..it's going to be out on DVD soon..I think next month.

3.9.09, 1:49 PM
i'll wait for the DVD. But I definitely want to see that movie.I usually wait for movies to be out on DVD or go to the drive inn.

4.10.09, 1:09 PM
I loved it - I'd actually say that this is one movie worth going to the theater to see. There are a lot of action scenes, and the effects in the theater end up immersing you in the story.

But I'll still grab the DVD.

4.10.09, 9:26 PM
I just bought the DVD...want to watch it again. But its definately worth seeing on the Big screen...gives a real feel of India...cool scenes at the Taj Mahal...its still playing at our local $1.00 theater.