View Full Version : Love the DirecTv promos in Tabby's bowl

7.16.07, 12:37 PM
Nice way of telling viewers about DirecTv and that her bowl doesn't get it. Tabitha said she will have to "subscribe, just like everybody else," nice reference.

7.17.07, 9:40 PM
I loved that too!!:jesterbob:

7.18.07, 5:00 PM
It was hilarious! I especially like that it was heaven sent, lol :)

7.20.07, 2:21 PM
Oh my god... I couldn't believe they were doing that. I loved it too though, I thought it was great. I am moving apartments on the 1st of August and I made sure to order DirecTv for the new apartment. Anyone else subscribe lately?

7.20.07, 7:02 PM
No, but I need to soon!