View Full Version : Tony is a DiMera, just not Stefano's son, imo

7.14.07, 1:30 AM
Regardless if Tony is Stefano's biological son or not, he would still love him and think of him as a son, he raised him. He adopted Kristen and Peter and considered them his children so he would recognize Tony as his son (biological or not).

Besides, maybe Tony is a DiMera, Stefano had brothers, even if Tony's mom said Tony's father was someone else, someone no one knew, she may have just told him that to protect him from Stefano if she had an affair with one of his brothers.

Oh, and just a thought...Maybe Andre is really Stefano's son, he may have gotten even with his brother and had an affair with his brother's wife which produced Andre. That would explain why Andre always listens to Daddy and why Stefano puts up with Andre, yet still always loved his son Tony. And "poof" incest with Renee story is gone, and ... I'll whisper this part...they could bring back Renee :)

after I posted this I got to thinking (eek)

I've always found that Chelsea reminded me of Renee, so this could also work as her being Tony and Rene's daughter, not Bo and Billie's after all.
I must be tired, all these thoughts (ideas) are going thru my head

7.15.07, 11:10 AM
You're better at this than the show's writers!