View Full Version : I hate to criticize actors..

7.13.07, 5:31 PM
But that little scene with Jessica/Nash and crew in the hospital room was horrible. First, Jess looked dead lying there with that horrible flower thing on her head. Then Michael saunters in and she flatlines. They all sort of stand there looking like "no big deal". Michael leaves her sitting up while he does CPR, which is a big no, no. Then the acting was just god awful of them leaving the room. Michael says, "Everyone out" and they slowly, without a care in the world walk towards the door, until Nash forgets he's supposed to want to stay and has a little trying too hard meltdown. I mean it was all just sooooo bad. I almost wonder if the actors are so sick of this scenario that they just gave up.

7.13.07, 7:04 PM
You could be right. Can you imagine having to deal with the awful storylines that are written for your character day after day and knowing that the fans are fed up? Most of the scenes have been so lackluster and boring lately, but this whole wedding scene was awful.

7.16.07, 11:15 AM
Who is writing this garbage? Has the new team taken over yet ? I sure hope this is
still Higley's crap.. If not.. we are in big trouble