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2.23.09, 4:10 AM
I know what you're thinking! You're thinking, "why is tiggermom so happy about a race where Jr blew an engine and Kenseth won?". But I'm not woohooing about the race, I'm woohooing because my Nascar buddies are back!! I've really missed you guys! I was worried you guys wouldn't be here this year. :-(

Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Sorry to hear about your hubby's job thf, I'll be praying he gets a new and great job soon! I was wondering how the girls were doing shortness! Sounds like you have your hands full! I remember those days. lol Whew, I'm tired just thinking of it!

So, I just keep thinking that if it weren't for the Ford thing you and I could be team mates shortness! lol

What do you think of Newman's new team thf?

Shortness, glad to hear you beat your coworkers last year, at least someting good came out of the season! lol and, Yeah, you and me both wish Jr would have had a better finish at Daytona! lol I was thinking first would be good! I'm just trying to console myself with the fact that he's climbed from further back than this before. I'm just hoping he starts climbing soon!

Well, I gotta run. Busy day tomorrow but I wanted to pop in and say HELLO!!!
Talk to you gals soon!

2.24.09, 8:50 PM
I'll second that Woo Hoo! I've missed ya'll too. & I have actually found myself missing NASCAR a little bit. Glad it's back too, so far.

I am finding myself choking back my Hendrick hatred since my secret fav Martin has landed over there. I even retired my old fantasy league name of "Hendrick Hater". Dropping my pessimistic attitude and going with some optimism with this years name - First On Race Day! So far it's working!!!

You girls think positive about your teams too. Maybe they're both just getting their bad luck out of the way early. Figured last year would be a rebuilding year for Jr so I'm looking for big things from him this year. As for Newman, even though I'm NO Stewart, I'd still like to see his new team do well. He could have safely stayed put at Gibbs, I applaud the risk he took of doing his own team.

It's evening here and I'm still at work so I better get back to it!

2.24.09, 9:53 PM
Well I will third that Wooo Hooo!!! I am glad we are all back too! Glad to know everything is going well for both of you.
As far as Newman goes I am glad for the change. Not thrilled with the results thus far this season but I think it will take them time to gel as a team. He seems to be the bearer of bad luck lately and if it can happen to him it does. I am not as much a hater of Hendricks as I use to be either since Newman is kinda sorta part of their team, in a round about way. Of course with my hubby being a Dale, Jr. fan I had to stop most of that "I hate Hendricks" stuff last year. I like Mark Martin as well and would love to see him do well this year.
With the economy the way it is and John's job situation I don't know how many races we will get to this year. I always like to take in a Charlotte race since it is so close and we are thinking about Martinsville or Taladega, guess we will see.

I am looking forward to Vegas this weekend. Good luck to all our teams!!!