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2.23.09, 12:09 AM
How's your husband doing?

2.24.09, 9:12 AM
Thanks for asking dragonmom! My husband is doing much better. He had to go backl to the hospital wednesday night for a severe allergic reaction to one of his meds. But he is better now and his nosebleeds have stopped. Now if the nosebleeds are not coming back he will go on coumadin in a couple of weeks and than they can figure out what to do about the a fib.

2.24.09, 4:22 PM
Allergic reactions to medicine can be scary(my husband had a bad reaction and now cant take any kind of Penicillin).
Glad to know he's doing better.

2.24.09, 7:04 PM
Coffenut I'm so sorry your hubby had such a bad reaction to the medication. I do hope it gets better for him and they can do something to help soon. I'm praying for him.:winkq:

2.26.09, 12:10 PM
Sorry I'm late getting back in here..but good to hear he's ok...except for that allergic reaction scare. Hope things get all better for him soon. I sent Sheri (racemom) an email...she said she emailed you? right?

2.26.09, 3:31 PM
Hi Dragonmom,
I sent racemom a long e-mail last week but haven't heard back from her.

2.26.09, 3:39 PM
She takes a while in replying..but she will. Hope things are going ok. I am off to work here real soon..uggh. Don't wanna go!

3.3.09, 12:24 AM
How's things going? Haven't been in here for a few days now.