View Full Version : Changeling

2.21.09, 9:59 PM
Wow, what an intense movie.
With a lot more to the plot than I expected.
And I'm no Jolie fan, but she did a pretty good job playing the part.
As usual, anything directed by Eastwood is worth a watch.
I'm just about sure that was him, playing the piano in the score.
Since it was based on a true story, I will offer up a silent prayer for Christine Collins.
What a horror she lived through.

2.24.09, 10:35 PM
I agree. I hated the movie. As a Mom...well not the movie - but the reality of it. I thought it was well done. I just hated that I watched and that things like that did and does go on. Esh. I shutter just thinking about it.

3.1.09, 10:10 PM
I just saw this last night. Very well done, but so disturbing to me. How anyone could do such a horrible thing to children. I could just feel her pain throughout the whole film. I'm not a big Jolie fan either, but she did very well.