View Full Version : The Beast on A&E

2.20.09, 8:13 PM
Anybody watching The Beast on A&E? This is the only show I am watching and love it! Would love to a Beast forum to discuss twists and turns!

2.23.09, 7:36 PM
We watched the first couple of episodes, but then it got lost in the shuffle. I think we have it on demand with Comcast, so may catch up with it. I think I liked it a little more than Michael did. Not as involving as The Shield, but a similar feel, and they have a lot of room for story. Are you still watching?

3.2.09, 7:26 PM
Yes, I'm still watching. Although last week's episode "Capone" was a little intense for me. But I like the subplot going on with Patrick's character Barker and how they keep throwing in hints about his past.

This is the only show I watch besides HGTV. I used to be a huge Crossing Jordan fan, but that ended a while ago. :( Anyway, so I can't compare it to anything.

3.6.09, 3:22 PM
Last night's episode "Mercy" was really good and Patrick's performance was stellar! He went undercover as a homeless vet and was so completely convincing! If you haven't checked this show out...watch it online or I think they replay it a couple times!