View Full Version : Meerkat Manor

7.12.07, 8:22 PM
Why am I obsessed with this cute little guys. I just started watching the show and its really like a little soap opera but with Meerkats:)
Well they are going to show some new episodes August 10th and I can't wait to see what happens with the little guys.


7.15.07, 7:52 PM
I am hooked on the show as well. I watch it whenever I catch that it is on and am also looking forward to the new episodes. It must be a fun job for the film crew to hangout with them, edit the tapes, and get to know them. What an interesting college project! Another great show is Planet Earth. It has amazing footage and has some really interesting animal facts in it.

7.18.07, 11:16 AM
When I first started watching it I thought the same thing I would have loved to have worked on a project like this when I was in school. I am sure it can be hard though considering you get attached and almost come to know them and some of the little guys don't have a happy ending:(
Still I am sure you learn so much about them and just nature in general. Shows like this and Planet Earth are great because they show you things you would never really get a chance to see, well at least I would not.
I am excited about seeing more new Meerkat episodes!