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4.26.07, 8:15 PM
I read today that Fox has cancelled Drive already. I wasn't watching it, but heard that it was good. But it only ran, what, maybe 4 episodes? We kept meaning to TiVo it, now I'm glad we didn't bother. So annoying how fast things disappear.

4.26.07, 11:25 PM
Yeah, I really feel like they just don't give you the chance to even get into a show any more. What's up with that?

5.10.07, 1:42 AM
I hate how fox does this!!!

Arrested development was on for 3 seasons, and it was absolutely the funniest, most original show ever. seriously. They cancelled it for SKATING WITH CELEBRITIES! yeah... like thats gunna get you more ratings.

5.11.07, 1:27 AM
I couldn't agree more. I loved Arrested Development and watch the reruns all the time on G4. I can't believe they canceled that one!

5.15.07, 1:14 PM
'According to Jim'
'Big Day'
'Day Break'
'Extreme Makeover: Flesh, Bone, & Sillicone Edition'
'The George Lopez Show'
'The Great American Vote'
'Help Me Help You'
'In Case of Emergency'
'The Knights of Prosperity'
'The Nine'
'Show Me the Money'
'Six Degrees'
'What About Brian?'

5.15.07, 1:27 PM
'Crossing Jordan'
'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip'
'Andy Barker, PI'
'The Black Donnellys'
'Thank God You're Here'
'Grease: You're the One That I Want'
'The Real Wedding Crashers '
'The Apprentice'

5.16.07, 1:51 PM
'3 LBS'
'Armed & Famous'
'The Class'
'Close to Home'
'The King of Queens'
'Rock Star'

I think most of these were already known, except 'Jericho'. I haven't heard of a few of them, guess they came and went pretty fast.

5.17.07, 7:39 PM
I just read that Veronica Mars has been cancelled. I guess it's not a real surprise, but since it's been in the maybe column every season, I thought it would make the schedule. Instead, Kristen Bell will be the "unseen narrator" (really a blogger) on Gossip Girl, a new CW show based on some books about a Manhattan prep school.

6.6.07, 6:24 PM
I just got a magazine with an article on massive cancellations and why. When I finish reading it, I'll fill you in. Seems things like tivo are part of the problem. I've always wondered if my tivoing ways were hurting ratings at all. Hmmmm.

6.6.07, 7:59 PM
I heard today that CBS will be doing 8 (not positive) more episodes of Jericho. I wonder if we could convince NBC ro uncancel CJ... ;)

6.8.07, 2:50 PM
:(Bummer, I really liked "What About Brian?".