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7.12.07, 12:09 AM
I just got back from seeing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I really enjoyed it, although in my mind the first movie remains the best. Overall, I thought they made some good choices in turning book #5 into a screenplay. They had to completely leave out some things from the book, and condense other things, and it still came out at 2 hours and 18 minutes - although I'd happily sit through six hours to have the whole story told as JKR wrote it. As always, the characters and acting were enjoyable. The only thing I would say is that between the British accents and the fast rate of speech, I don't know how anyone who hasn't read the book could have truly kept up with it. JMHO! Now all I can do is wait for book #7 ... getting crankier by the day!:jesterbob:

7.12.07, 2:32 PM
I heard from Oda yesterday, she and a bunch (like 60) of people from Lost Colony went to the midnight show. She loved it, praised Helena Bonham Carter and whoever it is that plays Luna the most. Of course, she was calling after 4 hrs. of sleep, so I guess her review may be tainted :winkq:

(honestly, I was relieved she called, I was beginning to think her inept asst. had "accidentally" locked her in a trunk backstage and her phone battery had died... ) :kidding:

7.12.07, 3:49 PM
I was pleasantly surprised by the actress who plays Luna. She was not what I was expecting. But she really made the role her own. Helena Bonham Carter was perfect casting as Bellatrix to begin with, and then she was even better than I thought she would be. Alan Rickman was also especially good as Snape this time around.

12.22.07, 6:37 PM
i'm very judgemental about all these movies. this one was the best by far, imo. hated the first three. hated. i can't say hate enough. lol. i love the books.