View Full Version : Happy Valentines Day...

2.14.09, 12:47 AM
Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine Day.

2.16.09, 1:18 PM
Happy belated Valentines Day to you too! I didn't get any chocolate:( but we did got out for a really good chinese food dinner. I absolutely hate cooking so anything out is a bonus and I really enjoy chinese. How about you, what did you get up to?

2.27.09, 11:28 PM
Oh my gosh! It's MARCH! We have been so into trying to keep our daughter on her feet through her looo ng and nasty divorce so we have really lost track of time. The divorce is finalized, so that is a good start. *deep sigh*

TV, oh I am known to watch almost anything. LOL! My favorite is 'Terminator: The Sarah Conner Cronicals'. It isn't anything like the old 'Terminator'. One of the main charactors is a 16 or so young woman (the GOOD body gard robot). It is so cute the way she kicks major but, but is trying to lean about feelings. I love the special effects on the CSI shows, like watching the bullet as it swoops around. LOL! I keep thinking about the computor animator, what a cool job that would be.

We had a crazy last blast of winter. It had been really warm, then started snowing. Gosh we got over 2 inches in just a few hours. The birds and squirles were all back knocking on the door for handouts. *big grin*


2.28.09, 7:12 PM
We may get some snow, figures this time of year when I'm ready for spring. Being watching the weather channel today and looks like it is a possiblity. We have to go to the VA monday afternoon for a early Tues morn. appointment. I don't want us to have to drive in it. Weather channel says the ground is still warm so maybe no accumulation. We'll see.

So glad your daughter is on the road to freedom. Tell her to move on and enjoy her life.

3.2.09, 6:59 PM
We have been really lucky about going out in the bad weather. For some reason, all of our 'out' days have been nice. Sure hope we are not using up all our good luck. LOL!

Gosh yesterday was fun. We had breakfast out with some of our retired friends, then went SHOPPING!! I think I have mentioned many times that I just love to shop. I don't spend much money though. *sigh*

Has anyone been watching the stock market? *brrr * That will take your mind off the weather, and shoping too for that matter.


3.4.09, 10:08 PM
Well we got our snow. Maybe 5-6 inches. It started around 6pm Sunday and it snowed till almost midnight. It was so so pretty. My sons' power went off so they (he, wife, and two grandkids came here) We left here Mon afternoon since dh had very early app. 100 miles away. The kids power was off two days. After we got up our hill the interstate wasn't that bad, except I 85 and the news said it was terrible and a stand still. People ended up going to shelters.

I love to shop too, well most time just looking and wishing, lol. Sometimes I find something that I can't live without. The last thing I bought for myself was a pair of earth shoes(sandals) ... I have a pair of earth boots. They are so comfortable.

I don't keepup with the stock market too much. Just wonder whats going to happen with all this financial mess.

Do you ever hear from TT, Mindy, or any of the others that use to come here?