View Full Version : Vicky Cristina Barcelona

2.8.09, 5:28 PM
We rented this one today and watched it. I have to admit that I'm not really a Woody Allen fan. This movie didn't change that. It was not bad, nor was it good. It is one of those movies where there is not a single likeable character and everyone is so "tortured" and "pseudo-intellectual" that it is hard to relate to anyone. It was a throwaway film that left me feeling absolutely nothing when it was done. I know Penelope Cruz has been nominated for an Oscar, but it is a pretty small role overall (but I guess people have won for less). She was fine, but I've seen all the Supporting Actress nominees and I'd pick Marissa Tomei, Viola Davis or Amy Adams over her. Those roles had more impact, IMHO.

2.15.09, 7:58 PM
I am a big Woody fan, but I could not see what all the fuss was about with this movie - boring boring boring, imo. Faaar from even one of his mediocre attempts. Cruz is awful in it, imo. It seems like she can't even act in this movie.

3.1.09, 10:13 PM
Thanks, I almost rented this one last night. I'm glad I didn't after reading your reviews.

3.2.09, 6:02 AM
I am flabbergasted that Penelope Cruz won the award for this, or any role.
I think she is a horrible actress.
All of the other actresses nominated should feel insulted that Cruz won.
This movie has zero appeal for me and I will pass it right on by at the video store.