View Full Version : Hello, the last time I was here

2.7.09, 1:21 PM
was last Fall. :rolleyez: I'd like to get to know everyone here and am looking forward to checking out all the forums. A good debate about anything is always entertaining once in awhile.

I'm in my late 50s and live in South Eastern USA. Right now, I volunteer, work temp jobs every now and then and am decluttering and downsizing my house. Aside from reading once in awhile, figuring out politics, I like to cross stitch.

Nice to be here.


DH still works and I think he always will. He likes his job ~ always a good thing!

2.8.09, 11:23 AM
Welcome to Coffeerooms. I'm in the Midwest, we've gotten thru some crazy storms recently, and today, its warmer and sunny, so the snow is melting. My Hubby still works too...he travels International and loves it, he wouldnt know what to do with himself if he retired! I work part-time at the Mall, both our daughters are graduated College and figuring out single life.