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2.1.09, 5:46 PM
Wow. This was a really good documentary. It chronicles Philippe Petit's "wire walk" between the World Trade Center towers in 1974. It is a feat that is so incredible that it hardly seems possible, but the movie frames it as a "caper" that makes it seem even more amazing that he pulled it off. The sheer audacity of the idea is mindboggling to someone like me who's afraid to stand on a ladder, but Petit's singular vision is something I admire.

Another good documentary I watched on MSNBC a couple weeks ago was "Dear Zachary" which is a tribute to Andrew Bagby (and addressed to his son by a friend, the documentarian) who was murdered by an ex-lover. The documentary feels very amateurish and has some directorial conceits that are a bit annoying, but the story itself is so compelling that I was willing to forgive Kuenne (the documentarian and friend of Bagby) because I was engrossed in the outcome. I keep waiting for it to air again so I can watch it a second time, which is saying a lot for a documentary!

2.2.09, 10:21 AM
I loved Man on Wire and have been telling friends about it too. What a character that guy is.