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1.25.09, 7:40 PM
I really enjoyed this movie. Well, enjoyed is a strange word when I think about the fact that you know from the start that Harvey Milk ends up dead. But it is a fascinating story and the main actors (Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, James Franco) all do a great job in their roles. I've seen all the best actor candidates except Richard Jenkins in The Visitor (which is on my counter waiting to be watched) and I still think Mickey Rourke should win, but Penn and Frank Langella in Frost Nixon were both very good as well (Brad Pitt was good in Benjamin Button also, but I just wasn't in love with that movie).

1.28.09, 9:59 AM
I want to see Milk. My friends really liked it. I am so not interested in seeing Benjamin Button. Too long!!

1.28.09, 10:33 AM
Thank you.
I'm glad I am not the only one who is "underwhelmed" by the whole Benjamin Button whoo-ha.

1.28.09, 8:25 PM
I think Benjamin Button is a movie that I'd like even less on a 2nd viewing. Definitely not worth all the hoopla - which is why even though it is getting nominated a lot this awards season, it's not really winning anything.

2.15.09, 9:03 PM
I liked 'Milk', too. Sean Penn is freaking unbelievably amazing! And lots of stuff I did not know about HM. Good movie.

3.22.09, 9:18 AM
While I enjoyed learning the story of Harvey Milk, I did not think this was one of Sean Penn's finer performances.
Not that he wasn't good, he was very good.
But not Oscar winning good.
I haven't seen any of the other Best Actor performances to compare it to.

3.22.09, 3:50 PM
I knew it was the kind of role that he would win for - it's what the Academy likes. However, I have seen all that were nominated this past year and I would have given it to Mickey Rourke. He was so good in "The Wrestler."