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1.13.09, 8:07 PM
STAY HOME!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! Mickey Rourke is wonderful in this film, but it is a dark, dark, violent, bloody, uncomfortable film. Certainly not the "feel good film of the year." Marisa Tome is naked throughout the entire film. Her cootchie is in front of the camera so much you can practically give her a gyno exam from your seat. I just wanted to shower. In fact I think I'm going to do that right now. Edward save me!!

1.13.09, 11:48 PM
lol, funny review. Will take heed and not view it till it's on HBO and we're bored then.

1.14.09, 5:23 AM
Thanks for the warning.
And color me not surprised about Marisa Tomei.
It seems as though that is the kind of role she plays in every movie she's in.
Off topic, but Agent...how did you like "Before The Devil Knows You're Dead"?
(Also a Tomei cootchie featuring movie).

1.14.09, 8:50 AM
We're saving the "Devil" movie for the weekend. It's on our Saturday night stay at home program.

1.14.09, 7:16 PM
I loved the movie. I guess that kind of stuff (the gyno exam! :winkq:) doesn't bother me.

I thought it was really good, though not remotely fun or uplifting. Mickey Rourke gives a mesmerizing performance without a trace of vanity. I thought it was a heartbreaking portrayal of a broken, lonely man, and I loved Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood in their roles.

For me, it was this and Frost/Nixon as the best films of the year!