View Full Version : Best kissing scenes??

1.8.09, 7:23 PM
I just watched Twilight for about the millionth time, and that has to be the best kissing scene in the history of the movies. Anyone got a better one?

1.8.09, 11:09 PM
Nope. That's my top one too (of course). What is your avatar? It's kinda creepy!

1.9.09, 2:07 PM
LOL. I got that from this blogger that writes hysterically funny recaps on the Twilight books. It's about what would have happened if Edward succumbed to his desire to eat Bella, instead of fall in love with her. I should probably change it.

Did you read Midnight Sun??? It shows how much he really wanted to kill her.

Not to beat the kissing scene over the head tooo much, but I love how slow it starts and then she gets into it, then he practically throws her down. Love it!!!

1.10.09, 6:12 AM
I think one of the best "almost kissing" scenes is between Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed in "It's A Wonderful Life" where they are sharing the phone. You can almost feel the heat between them. I would also put the "half in/half out" of the water scene between Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in "From Here To Eternity".

1.13.09, 5:16 PM
One of my favorite kissing scenes is from Witness, when Rachel very deliberately takes off her Amish cap and goes to John Book and the world just goes round and round.

1.13.09, 5:29 PM
I agree about that scene in "Witness".
What a beautiful movie that is.

2.15.09, 8:04 PM
OOh love both of those!