View Full Version : This may sound silly, but IMHO the little boy

7.5.07, 5:47 PM
who is playing Miles, has got to be one of the cutest little guys on tv! What a beautiful face!

7.6.07, 12:48 PM
Yes he's cute. I just can't stand the way Chad used him to kiss Whitney when she clearly didn't want it. Whit should have whispered "you make me want to puke" in Chads ear. And why the hello Eve didn't nicely correct Chad over his actions. It's not like Miles is old enough to understand adult conversations spoken in the right tone. Chad needs to just get that him screwing a man for months and denying it is a deal breaker.

7.6.07, 3:09 PM
I just can't stand Chad, at all anymore. I think it is good that Whitney keeps bringing up the point that he put her in danger by sleeping with a man. I don't think the other characters (her mom) seem upset enough about that. You are so right Sarabeth, it is a deal breaker!

7.11.07, 12:45 AM
I also like the fact that Whit is saying that he betrayed his family and not just her. His actions have consequences that effect every member of their family. It's not just about cheating on Whit. Although Chad does have a right to be a father he shouldn't have hurt his son by doing something that would damage his family.