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1.5.09, 4:31 PM
Has anyone seen this movie? I didn't see a thread for it here. I took my young daughter to see it, and we both really liked it. It's a gentle love story, very chaste, despite the vampire theme, lol.

The lead actor was amazing in it, tho. He is what brought it out of a dumb teen romance into something more. He's really good in it.

Well, after that, my daughter and I bought all the books and sped through them like wildfire, over the course of the holidays. They remain pretty chaste, thank goodness, but the last one is a bit bizarre. If you are a sucker for romance, these books and the movie are for you.

1.5.09, 4:37 PM
I've been talking about "Twilight" FOREVER!! Best books I've ever read. I agree about the last one - there are some dark pages there. I have seen the movie twice already. All my friends devoured the books. Edward Cullen is so romantic and Rob Pattinson is so hot! Welcome to the "Twilight" club - or since you have a daughter as a fan you would be called a "Twimom." LOL!

1.5.09, 9:47 PM
Agent 99, my daughter and I watch the movie almost every day online!!! If you want to know the link, email me or I can email you. I don't know if I should post it here.
I am obsessed with the books. What did you think about the last book? I know some people hated it, but I really liked it. I've never been one who thought Jacob should be the winner in the love triangle, however. I thought the final book had a lot of humor in it, and also great happiness, fun. The middle part was so surprising! I loved the honeymoon chapters, and the wedding!
My favorite book of the entire saga is the 3rd book, however. I love the Wuthering Heights theme, and love the night in the forest when Edward and Jacob talk.

1.5.09, 10:03 PM
I loved everything about those books. I'm going to see the move again tomorrow night with a "first-timer." LOL! I haven't been able to pick up a book and read it since I finished the series and I am an avid reader. Nothing comes close to capturing my attention. I too (as well as my friends) are obsessed with them. One of my favorite parts in the fourth book is when Edward leaves the clothes on the porch for Jacob. My heart just melted. I don't have a favorite book. I devoured each and every one of them equally. What a beautiful story. I am totally in love with Edward Cullen!!! I like that he's older than me too - he's over 100 years old. LOL!

1.5.09, 10:57 PM
Oh that is so sweet of Edward, I'll have to reread that part again. I sent you the link, btw.