View Full Version : The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

1.4.09, 7:18 PM
We saw this movie yesterday and while it was definitely good, I was a bit disappointed. This was one of the films I looked forward to most this year and it was just not able to make the leap from good to great, IMHO. The first half of the film sort of meanders and lacks the compelling relationship between Cate Blanchett and Brad Pitt that comes in the middle when they are near the same age.

The second half of the film is much better once the relationship is developed further. The whole thing reminded me of a cross between Forrest Gump (which I hated) and Big Fish (which I loved), so there were hits and misses for me. I thought Brad Pitt was good and this is just the sort of film the Academy loves, so he'll definitely get a Best Actor nod, as will the movie for Best Picture. Definitely worth catching ...

And it's LONG, so make sure to get the small soda, not the jumbo!

1.5.09, 2:08 PM
My friend said it was a lot like Forest Gump in that it takes you through important times in history.