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1.3.09, 12:23 PM
I saw "Doubt" last night. Another excellent film. The way Meryl Streep plays the nun is a bit weird though. She's a cross between Adolph Hitler and Lavern DeFazzio. It's just strange. It's Philip Seymour Hoffman who absolutely steals that movie. Also, Amy Adams as the young nun is wonderful. I predict a best supporting actress award for her. It's a tough subject but it's all handled so discreetly that you never get creeped out. I heard one reviewer complain that Meryl Streep chews the scenery in this movie and I have to agree. A little bit of over-acting here. Excellent, none the less.

1.3.09, 12:31 PM
I love the description of Meryl Streep's nun character as a cross between Adolph Hitler and Laverne Defazzio.
What an interesting combination.
I'm looking forward to this movie, but waiting for it to come out on DVD.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman is a very talented actor.
Just make sure you don't watch the opening scene in "Before The Devil Knows You're Dead" where you see WAY too much of his "not so attractive butt".

1.3.09, 11:58 PM
Funny you should mention that. I just recorded it the other night and we haven't watched it yet. I heard about the beginning so I am prepared.

1.4.09, 9:54 AM
One word...blindfold.

1.31.09, 8:26 PM
We finally saw this today and I thought it was excellent as well. I wasn't sure what to expect given the subject matter, but I thought it was handled very well without being overly "in your face" or exploitative. I thought the acting by all the major characters was great, especially Adams, Hoffman and Viola Davis, though I agree a bit about Streep's "strangeness" in the role. I thought she was good, if a bit odd. But the scene with Streep and Davis when they are talking about the priest and Davis' son in the film was top notch.

This is not a movie I'd watch over and over but it was very good and worth a watch before the Oscars.

2.2.09, 12:56 AM
what was wild for me is that just seeing the previews I thought it was about a overly strick nun who wants to take over - but then watching some of the awards shows - I learn that it's about something entirely different!!