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1.3.09, 11:00 AM
After watching The Wrestler, I thought it would be hard to find a more affecting performance than Mickey Rourke's, but having seen Frost/Nixon, I can say that Frank Langella definitely deserves a Best Actor nod (and possibly the win).

The movie is very good, but it is Langella's Nixon who mesmerizes on screen. He captures Nixon's arrogance, intelligence, slyness, vulnerability, and loneliness in his eyes and his mannerisms. The scene where Frost and Nixon are taping the final interview day had me so engrossed that I was actually holding my breath.

This is a film about the chess match between these two men - there aren't a lot of typical "big movie moments," but if you want to watch a really great acting showcase for Langella, check this film out.

1.3.09, 11:12 AM
This is one I'm looking forward to seeing.
Thanks for the heads up on how good it is.
I saw the trailer, and I agree, Langella gives an amazing
portrayal of Nixon.
I also like Anthony Hopkins portrayal of Nixon in Oliver Stone's movie.
I am SO waiting for someone to do a film on the life of Lincoln.
And I want them to cast Jeff Goldblum in the lead.
Oh why don't I have ten million dollars and friends in Hollywood? :)

1.3.09, 12:18 PM
I loved Frost/Nixon. I also think the actor playing David Frost was just great. As for Frank Langella - I swear you forget that it's not Nixon. An unbelievable performance.

1.6.09, 5:13 PM
Excellent movie!! I agree!! Well worth the time and money.

1.6.09, 11:20 PM
I just got home from seeing "Twilight" for the third time!! LOL!

1.7.09, 1:48 PM
I'm jealous!!!