View Full Version : Happy new year to everyone!

1.1.09, 1:44 PM
Want to wish each and everyone a great and blessed 2009!!

1.1.09, 3:42 PM
Happy New Year Dragsy and all! Hope all of you have a wonderful 2009!!:blush2ey:

1.3.09, 10:50 PM
Well..it's Jan 3. I worked and I'm tired. How's everyone been doing?

1.4.09, 10:29 AM
Girl I'm so tired I'm making mistakes at work! Possibly because I really haven't had a day off in over two weeks! Hoping to look forward to next Sunday. Asked for the whole day off! Yahoo!:p

1.4.09, 12:00 PM
And Happy New Year to all! I too had to work, and yea, Julie, I know what you mean...I swear, I'm so tired, I'm 'loopy" at work :) I'm also bummed that 'my" team, the Colts lost last night!

1.5.09, 12:11 PM
Sorry your team lost. That sucks. My friend says football is pretty much over for her. So she says. But bet this weekend she will still be watching it. LOL Any ways. I'm going to get a break from work this week and that will be nice cause I'm getting so warn out. Need to recoop. Take care! :winkq:

1.5.09, 4:05 PM
A Happy New year to you Dragonmom and to everyone else here. I hope you all have a wonderful year!

1.6.09, 11:15 AM
Thanks Coffenut same to you! Hope it's a better one than 2008 was!:blush2ey: