View Full Version : Valkyrie

12.30.08, 3:11 PM
I just want to say shame on all those movie critics and TV pundits who are slamming Tom Cruise in this movie. He did an excellent job. I think it's just because people don't want to like him and so they're never going to give him the credit he deserves as an actor. I thought he did a wonderful job and the movie was so intense. Even though you know how it will turn out you are still on the edge of your seat. The actor playing Hitler creeped me out. Eddie Izzard is in it too!! (but not in a dress). LOL!

12.31.08, 11:36 AM
The one criticism I heard that I agree with is that Cruise ought to at least have attempted a German accent. I find him totally unbelievable in the clips I've seen with his American accent.

12.31.08, 11:55 AM
Unfair. Eddie Izzard, Kenneth Branaugh and all the rest of them kept their English and American accents. If Cruise would have attempted the German accent the critics would have just made fun of that also.