View Full Version : The New Year is almost upon us!

12.30.08, 11:21 AM
Nothing special planned for us...I am working. Well..hubby gets off New Years..but I don't. Phooey! LOL We just ring in the new year here at home! Anyone have plans?

12.30.08, 12:54 PM
Dragsy I have to work New Years eve and also New Years day so no special plans except watch the ball drop on TV when I get off of work and maybe toast in the New Year with a glass of wine. That is about it. Watch the parades on New Years day and then go to work in the evening again. That is about all but my friend wants to have a nice dinner before I go to work so we will do that. My life is working, eating and sleeping mainly right now. Not much else. Take care!:winkq:

12.30.08, 7:16 PM
I too have to work NYE and New Years Day. The Mall will be busy...our store has Big sales going on. The hubby will be home from overseas by the 1st, so we will go to dinner and a movie, probably. Nothing too exciting...when we were 1st married we went to NYC Times Square celebration...it was great Fun! Of course we were young then. Now, I would probably hate the crowds and noise :)

12.31.08, 10:50 AM
Passion..where do you live again..what state? Our son lives in NYC ...and I think he avoids the Times Square crowds too. Instead he goes to private parties or whatever. Don't work too hard. I know that's hard to do..you working in retail like I do! Im' glad your hubby is coming home!

12.31.08, 2:00 PM
Passionistic I can relate so much. But please tell your hubby how proud we are that he served us! I am sure you'll have a wonderful time celebrating with him. How special! Happy New Year!:blush2ey:

12.31.08, 11:47 PM
Thanks... my hubby actually works for a major airline...he flies around the world...often landing at military bases when he's on charter flights. I'm glad he's home safe!
We live in Indiana right now...its COLD tonight. But, because of my hubby's work, we've lived all over the country. When we were 1st married we lived in LA and then moved to NYC where our oldest daughter was born(she's still an avid Yankees fan :)
Julie, hope you have a chance to relax, we are just chilling on the sofa right now watching TV... DragonMom: happy new year.

1.1.09, 2:44 PM
Is your husband a pilot Passion? So you live in Indiana right now huh? Yep..it's cold up that way! My in laws all live in Ohio.

1.1.09, 4:47 PM
OK passion for some reason I thought your hubby was in the military and had just gotten back from tour of duty! LOL I guess not. But I'm sure he is an awesome pilot. Thanks for the well wishes. Work wasn't that bad last night. Busy because a lot of people were just renting movies to watch etc. But still was able to see the ball drop at midnight. And now today just vegging out since my friend is watching the Nebraska Huskers at the Gator bowl. LOL I don't watch football. So would rather be on here posting. Have a great 2009 everyone!:blush2ey:

1.5.09, 5:11 PM
Posting a bit late. Lol. We had a quiet evening. We set up a buffet table with appetizers and had a meat fondue. It was relaxing and delicious.lol we played True colors and than toasted the new year with sparkling grape juice.
Went to bed shortly after midnight and slept till elen and had a nice breakfast.
Have a good year everyone!

1.6.09, 12:14 PM
Coffenut sounds like you had a good New Years Eve and Day. I just worked New Years eve so nothing exciting for me. Then New Years day watched the parade. And went in the computer cause my friend pretty much watched football all day. Then went to work. So not much excitement for me! LOL Take care!:winkq: